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What do you know? That is the question thats been asked over and over in Mythic Protocol. Is our history truly what we believe it to be or are there unknown powers at work? Diving into the unknown and all its possibilities is what Mythic Protocol is all about. Uncovering and fighting the unknown if need be. You will set out on an adventure to unravel the hidden truth in an ever evolving history shaped by you and your fellow heroes. Are you ready to safeguard humanity from mythical threats?

You know nothing John Sn.. uhm..sorry wrong time line, or is it? In Mythic Protocol, you will be set free on all of history or what we have been told is our history. The game pushes you to ask questions, get curious, and even reach the Mythical Portal for your answers if need be. Events that have shaped our history are in your hands as the community will have a direct influence on the lore and canon of the seasonal in-game world and the characters within the universe around them.


Mythic Protocol is a roguelite shooter which handles very intuitively. From its top-down third-person isometric camera angle, you have a good sense of everything happening around you. Having said that, the game tends to give you a bit of a curve ball with the range of the camera where you will feel it is a bit too zoomed in than most isometric camera angles you are used to in other games, but this is something you can easily get used to after your first run.

Before diving into your dungeon run, you are prompted to select one of the three available classes. Each of them play very differently, possesses unique abilities, and comes with their own guns and accessories. We played Mythic Protocol thoroughly with each character and their preset loadouts feature a primary, secondary, and two skills you can use to either inflict damage on your enemies, stun them, or buff your allies.

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The Recon class features the "Dragon's Tail" as its primary weapon, a close-range shotgun that can be buffed massively throughout your dungeon run with various boosts. Its secondary weapon is a traditional pistol. The two skills, Psychic Jammer and Forcefield Emitter, are both massively helpful in fighting off waves of enemies. The latter deploys a forcefield that prevents any enemy projectiles from reaching your character, while the former activates an electric field around your agent that deals continuous damage to any enemy that stays within it.

On the other hand, the Assault agent wields an assault rifle and a pistol for their primary and secondary weapon respectively, while the Marksman character goes into battle with a lethal sniper as their first weapon of choice with a backup RPG to blow enemies up in tight places. Each one of these two aforementioned characters has their own skills as well that result in incredibly satisfying moments when they are all layered together to reflect the time and thought put into forming a synergized composition of agents. 

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You start your game off by receiving your power up and you are able to choose 1 out of the 3 options presented to you. These power ups, referred to in-game as Lythograms, vary from improved weapon handling, faster movement, healing auras, alongside a ton of other skills and abilities to make your perfect build or test out some new ones. This vast diversity in the skills offered to players after clearing each room, on top of the procedurally generated dungeons, ensure there is almost no two runs are the same. There will always be a new powerup you haven't tried before with your agent or a combination of powerups that synergize well together that you never knew how well it would do in battle.

From this point onward, you will be moving from one room to the next with each area presenting itself with a new route, new lay-out, enemies, and after clearing each of them, you get to choose your next direction after picking up your choice of Lythogram. Each room offers a challenge in its own right, with a diverse set of enemies spawning periodically and attacking you non-stop trying to take you down.


After clearing multiple rooms, you will be able to build a unique power up synchronization best suited with your preferred style of playing, that if RNG is on your side at the time. Towards the end of every certain number of rooms, you and your crew will get to encounter a boss creature with a diverse skillset and multiple waves of enemies to aid it after beating it to down to specific health milestones.

The sheer amount of attacks, area-of-effect abilities, and charge attacks fired upon you are a nightmare for anyone trying to come out on top. Play your powers, movement and skills right and you might be able to beat it. A very satisfying feeling, which brings more challenges with it, since the time on your statistics card only pushes you to try and beat it again only faster this time around. Our best score so far was clearing the whole game in under 8 minutes, or exactly 7 minutes and 12 seconds, and we challenge anyone to attempt and beat it.


The current Mythic Protocol build that is available at the time of writing is extremely enjoyable and can suck you in for hours on end trying to beat your fastest time. The game excels at being an easy to pick up game that is unique every time you turn it on to play. Sometimes it can get frustrating when RNG is not on your side and kicking you down on every turn, but then again that is also what makes it fun and so addictive to play. We are personally looking forward to future builds of the game and more content scheduled to be added to the game that we can't wait to get our hands on. There is some balancing left to be done with certain agent's weapon loadouts and how they operate in-game but overall Mythic Protocol makes for a pleasant web3 gaming experience.

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Mythic Protocol: Riftstorm Review

It is not often you run into a web3 game that sucks you in for hours and makes you even forget it features any NFTs or blockchain technology. Mythic Protocol is a perfect example of the quality web3 gaming should strive to have, appealing directly to any roguelite fans with an added layer of incredibly well-written lore. The game excels at being an easy to pick up game that is unique every time you turn it on to play. Outside of balancing left to be done with certain agent's weapon loadouts and how they operate in-game, overall Mythic Protocol makes for a pleasant web3 gaming experience.



Addicting gameplay

Captivating lore

Endless replayability


Certain agents are extremely weak compared to others

Occasional performance hiccups especially during hectic fights

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About Mythic Protocol: Riftstorm

Mythic Protocol: Riftstorm

Mythic Protocol is a forward-thinking IP, built to expand towards the open metaverse. Planned to be released in the form of games, comics, and a cinematic universe.