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Mythic Protocol is an exhilarating gameplay-first roguelike ARPG with blockchain technology, using collaborative economy as the future of gaming, allowing players to trade, sell, and publish their assets without a predefined rarity.

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Mythic Protocol retainer academy.jpg
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Mythic Protocol is an action RPG roguelite title where players take on waves of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons with boss fights at the end of every level. The game promotes cooperative gameplay, putting players in teams of three where each player is extremely valuable to their team and their overall playstyle. Mythic Protocol engages players for a long time along a varied axis of intrinsic, and extrinsic motivations, randomly generated challenges, power-ups, and maps, helping players to grow their assets with advancements in the game.

By advancements we mean evolving NFTs, a unique and innovative approach the game takes to make sure each player's NFT grows with their playing time and experience. The more time you put into the game, the more enemies you take down, the better your agent becomes. This all ties perfectly into the rich lore Mythic Protocol built to pull players into the game's storyline and not just have all of your adventures become a meaningless repetition of dungeons with no end goal in sight.


One thing you will notice off the bat is Mythic Protocol's beautifully executed lore and artistic style. The game feeds off conspiracy theories and secret societies. Players are pushed to think for themselves and dig deeper into all of humankind's historical events if they were real or coverups for bigger operations executed by an elite group of individuals controlling the world. However, a greater evil has emerged, prompting all secret societies to notice its thread and thus collaborating for the first time to take down a common enemy.

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As the barriers between our world and the unknown grew thin, rifts have emerged and all manner of mythic – the occult, paranormal, and unexplained have come through. In the face of an ever-increasing threat, the powerful secret organizations throughout history stand united as a bulwark between humanity and the unknown. Vowing to defend humanity, to share knowledge, and to explore the reaches of the cosmos. They call this agreement: The Mythic Protocol

Mythic Protocol

The vast amount of stunning cinematics used to tell the story and paint the setting for what you are about to get into makes Mythic Protocol one of the best storytelling web3 games at the moment. The game makes sure to give your playthrough a purpose and with its rich lore and memorable cast, you are bound to keep coming back just to see the end of this thrilling espionage adventure. 

Secret Societies

Mythic Protocol features four major secret societies, each with an agenda of their own but they have to put that aside for now to defeat the common threat between them. Each secret society has a unique ideology and a story of origin that explains their motive. The diverse cast of characters translates to a variety of gameplay playstyles available at the player's disposal with an added layer of storytelling on top of it as their choice of secret society affects the storyline.

The following is a brief description of the four major secret societies available at launch, with more to come down the line:

  • Emporium: Merchant-descendants of the Templar Order who found safe-haven during the Black Death, and eventually... Profit.
  • Naga Society: An alliance of mystics and shamans from across Africa and Asia, formed through the voyages of Zheng He.
  • Maledictum: Keepers of the Vatican vaults who sought to use its contents for the good of humanity during Renaissance
  • Interregnum: American and German WWI veterans who found brotherhood in battle against creatures from another world.

Evolving NFTs

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The Agent NFT will continue to get stronger as players defeat opponents with their well-trained secret agents. Records of legendary agents and their accomplishments will be easier to access thanks to the Evolving NFT system, allowing for their inclusion in the mythology of Mythic Protocol while also providing value to the players that engaged with them. Not only will the NFT gain new traits and abilities, it will change its appearance to reflect the experience and hours put into the game so you instantly stand out from the rest of the playerbase when anyone pumps into you.

How to Get Started

Players have to complete the Induction Hub process first after signing up to Mythic Protocol's Retainer Academy. Once you have completed the short questionnaire, you will get prompted with your personality archetype, followed by a case study to test your skills to unlock the secret password. If you are successful, you will be approved as a Constituent by the Council.

However, there is a much easier route thanks to our partnership with Mythic Protocol, you can directly download the game through here  using our GAM3S.GG Mythic Protocol ambassador referral program.

About Mythic Protocol: Riftstorm

Mythic Protocol: Riftstorm

Mythic Protocol is a forward-thinking IP, built to expand towards the open metaverse. Planned to be released in the form of games, comics, and a cinematic universe.