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My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer, open-world, builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends. The game offers its players a peaceful, colorful, vibrant, and an alternative beautiful world where anyone can play, find friends and work together.


The universe of Lummelunda Archipelago has been blessed with Alice to serve as its guardian, the latest in a long line of skilled farmers. Unlike our real world, animals in My Neighbor Alice can speak and share space alongside humans on the island, and players are incentivized to work together in harmony for the prosperity of Lummelunda Archipelago.

The continent is too large for Alice to take care of everything herself, which is where players step in to help. Each player gets to own a piece of land, where Alice is your neighbor, hence the name of the game.

From there, you can change the form of the terrain and decorate it with various in-game items such as houses, lakes, decorations, animals, plants, and other items that can be purchased separately from the marketplace.

Similar to Town Star, My Neighbor Alice gives you quests and tasks to complete on your journey to help Alice in cultivating the world’s land. You will need to build the necessary houses and facilities to farm various veggies and fruits and grow animals throughout their farms.

Of course, you will personalize everything with countless decorations and cosmetics. Some of which are even community-created items taking advantage of the NFT creator tool available at their disposal in-game.

My Neighbor Alice has been known for hosting seasonal events, which offer limited time quests and objectives that reward you with exclusive in-game assets that you can show off on your land. Not only that, they even sometimes come with themed mini-games and new crops and animals to take care of.

These add a whole new element and diversity to the game and can reward players heavily for sticking around through several events. The replayabilty value of My Neighbor Alice is almost endless considering you will always need to hop on to take care of your farm and animals and interact with all the other citizens of Lummelunda Archipelago.


My Neighbor Alice stands out within the web3 gaming landscape considering its chill and laid back gameplay. Its artistic mixture of old Nintendo Wii characters with Animal Crossing-inspired gameplay can pull you in for hours without even feeling the time going away. 

The game does a tremendous job at keeping you busy with various quests and tasks that push you to explore different islands and interact with other players and their own land. Nonetheless, the  NPCs and characters you interact with around the game's world can be a bit more memorable and recognizable.

In the traditional gaming world, Animal Crossing is known for its memorable and recognizable characters and My Neighbor Alice has the potential to reach similar status if they capitalize on the family-friendly and cute characters they have in-game. At the moment, they are just tools to facilitate quests and tasks assignment to players or to complete certain actions without any urge to know their backstory, how they got here, or what makes them part of Alice's world.

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My Neighbor Alice Review

My Neighbor Alice brings the closest thing to Animal Crossing we can get in web3 gaming. The casual and laid back nature of the game make for a great entry point for children into web3 gaming but with the lack of any memorable NPCs or strings to tie everything in the game's world together, it is difficult to get you hooked in or invested into helping Alice as much as the studio wants you to.



Beautiful world

Relaxing gameplay and storyline

Open world

Tons of replayability value


NPCs can often feel lifeless

Occasional bugs and glitches

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My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer builder game, where anyone can buy and own virtual islands, collect and build exciting items and meet new friends.


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