Mummy takes everyone to ancient Egypt in a compelling fast-action combat-packed MMORPG. The title focuses mainly on environment exploration, completing quests for different factions, or joining other players to tackle given tasks, the game will challenge the players’ strength and wit.

With over 60 KM2 of open world terrain to explore, multiple factions to join, and lots of ancient Egyptian Gods to please, Mummy will give you tons of content to chew through and keep you busy for days.


Mummy promises to deliver a map filled with gripping gameplay, where players can engage in battles, complete quests, and unravel mysteries on their path to regain the balance between Order and Chaos following the Clash. The latter is a significant event that which lead to the appearance of Magic on Earth, and every decision you make will contribute to the shift in power.

There are two main factions: Order and Chaos. Each faction has specific deities associated with it. The first few actions the players decide on in the game and the Deity they choose to worship determine their allegiance to the forces of Order or Chaos.

Classes and Modes

There are four player classes: Warrior, Ranger, Sorcerer, and Archer. Traditionally, each of them comes with a different set of skills and weapons they are well-trained to use in battle. Mummy offers both PVP and PVE gameplay, both utilizing the same mechanics and taking place outside of Hub Areas’ territory.

There are three main modes of PVP, pitting players either against members of their own factions, players from opposing factions, or in a more competitive ranked environment.


Mummy.io is still in early development and will probably take quite some time to meet the full vision they have drawn for the title and the intended franchise as a whole. The team is blessed with a neverending lore source inspired by ancient Egypt that can span across multiple titles if they want it to.

The different mechanics, in-game economy, and various features have all been worked on tirelessly to provide players with a captivating experience they can keep coming back to with the urge to explore every corner of its world. We got the opportunity to play a small slice of Mummy.io in the form of a boss fight with a very short exploration segment, and to say we were impressed is an understatement.

The inspiration drawn from the likes of Dark Souls and other From Software titles in the difficulty of the boss fights leave you incredibly satisficed once you slay the Egyptian God standing in your way to progress further in-game and watch him disintegrate into sand particles in front of your eyes.

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About Mummy


Mummy.io is a state-of-the-art MMO game that brings to life forgotten Ancient World myths.


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