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Mokens League


In Mokens League, players engage in intense 1vs1 soccer matches using teams of 5 NFT characters, called Mokens, which can be enhanced for improved gameplay.

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Mokens League is a rapid-paced soccer game designed for competitive 1vs1 matches, where each participant manages a team of up to 5 NFTs. Their NFT characters, known as Mokens, possess varied stats and abilities. These Mokens can be enhanced to improve performance and increase their value. 

Based in Barcelona, Monster League Studios is dedicated to elevating the gaming experience in the web3 space. By combining a tokenization system with competitive, skill-based gameplay, they aim to reward players for their skills rather than just time spent playing. The studio was founded by gaming industry pioneers Martin Repetto and Maximo Radice, who have a rich history of building gaming startups that have entertained millions.

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Gameplay Features

Mokens League offers a variety of sports games, from soccer to beach volleyball, ensuring players have multiple options to choose from. One of the standout features is the ability for players to earn the game's in-game currency by participating in games, leagues, and tournaments.

This currency isn't just for show. Players can use it to purchase unique NFTs, which can be integrated into teams, traded, or even sold on the Mokens League marketplace. These NFTs are randomly generated and can be upgraded, enhancing both their in-game utility and market value.

Looking ahead, Mokens League plans to introduce customization features, allowing players to tailor the game's metaverse to their liking. This addition aims to provide an even richer gaming experience for the community.

How to Get Started

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  1. Visit the Official Site: Head over to Mokens League's official website to explore the world of Mokens.
  2. Download the Game: For mobile users, the game is available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. For PC users, you can play directly through the Elixir launcher.
  3. Collect Mokens: Discover and collect unique characters to build your dream team..
  4. Participate in Tournaments: Showcase your skills, compete in tournaments, and climb the leaderboards.

About Mokens League


Monster League Studios

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Mokens League

Mokens League is a fast-paced 1vs1 soccer game where players control a team of 5 NFTs, each with unique stats and abilities that can be upgraded for better performance.


Monster League Studios