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MOBLAND is starting off as an action-adventure role-playing game, in which the users acquire, manage, trade, and expand members of their syndicate. Displaying a stylized take on the world of a modern crime syndicate,

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Following in the footsteps of 2K's Mafia and Romero Games' Empire of Sin, Mobland brings a truly compelling and heavily complex mafia title to the web3 gaming world. Players need to fight, loot, build and lead their empire to the top of the food chain, otherwise you are just another peon within someone else's empire. The development studio draws its world beautifully to put you in the driver seat of all of your mafia operations, with tons of options for you to choose from and difficult decisions to make on the regular.

Mobland's gameplay adopts a real-time card battler approach, allowing for a much more interactive experience than regular strategy or card games. Users start by generating their initial crew members. Once you have selected your four most trusted characters to go into the match with, you can queue up in both PVP and PVE modes. Players can deploy the character's abilities once they are off cooldown in real-time. This gives the player real-time agency over the crew while adding a layer of strategy into Mobland's gameplay as you have time to prepare for your next move.

Users would be challenged with both PvE and PVP battles. The PvP battle will be an asynchronous battle, where the attacker will be facing the AI assigned by the defender. In both modes, syndicates will play a major role in your success and where you rank within Mobland's mafia metaverse through daily missions, events, battles, and much more. Syndicates will be able to form powerful cartels to coordinate attacks and acquire resources as you take over real-world cities around the globe.


Blueprints are the genesis collection of Mobland and will form the foundation of the in-game assets by providing incentives and perks to its owners. Their value is underpinned by the additional special earnings events, progression levels, and a number of in-game rewards.

Once the game goes live, owners will be able to redeem these blueprints for powerful crew members. They have a variety of appearance, statistical and ability traits that make them unique, with literally hundreds of billions of possible combinations. Originally, each crew member had three core stats corresponding to their redeemed blueprint, but in a recent update, Power Score was added to the equation to give players a better indication of how powerful their character might be.

The Power score is acquired by running the health, heal, attack, and defense attributes through our in-house equation. The result of which is added together, then multiplied by the tier of the Blueprint. Power Score takes into consideration a combination of all the attributes of the Genesis Blueprints below:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Heal
  • Tier

Tiers are one of the most valuable attributes as they unlock the possibility to equip the Blueprints with better weapons which have powerful PvP effects, and improve the overall stats. This make selecting your crew member not as linear as going for the highest rarity. In fact, a low tier gangster with high stats could have a better power score than a tier 5 gangster with low stats. This pushes players to take into consideration their current team's weaknesses and look carefully for the right piece to round it out.

Crew Abilities

Abilities are a pivotal piece of the Crew characteristics and impact several gameplay elements. These attributes act as special modifiers and enhance combat styles and building capabilities. The following table goes through the revealed six main types of Crew Abilities and what they bring to the table.

  • Active: A charged up powerful attack that can be activated by a player during combat. Every character has one active ability, with an additional slot for a secondary active ability if they reach Tier 3.
  • Reactive: Tier 2 characters gain one reactive ability. These abilities are triggered automatically during a team fight. This includes damage deflection, auto healing, among other possible abilities.
  • Passive: As the name suggests, passive abilities are underlying buffs characters have by nature. Passive abilities power is much more impactful than those of reactive abilities, and they cumulate with the effect of reactive abilities.
  • Leader: This is your crew's star. The Leader ability dictates how influential a certain character is on the rest of your team. With the right combination of gang members, these combinations can create a very powerful dynamic that could change the momentum of a battle.
  • Macro: The business mind of your crew. These members give you a specialized modifier that can enhance an in-game building's productivity and effect on the rest of your empire.
  • Traits: Defines the profession that the character prefers that gives them bonuses in various Job assignments.

How to Get Started

Currently, you can purchase one of the Mobland Genesis SYNR Pass available on Opensea and Blueprints available on Binance NFT, as well as the game’s own marketplace, in anticipation of the game’s upcoming early access in Q4 2022.

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MOBLAND is the first-ever Mafia Metaverse where you can fight, loot, build and lead. Here you join a syndicate and run businesses, tax your underlings, and pay tribute to your bosses through blockchain-backed resources.


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