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Mist presents an open-world Action Role-Playing Game, boasting a dynamic combat style that distinguishes it from other MMOs. Delve into a blockchain-based NFT Action RPG, where you can gather NFTs, confront formidable monsters, and traverse limitless, immersive landscapes.

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Mist emerges as a unique open-world Action Role-Playing Game that boasts a dynamic combat style unparalleled in the MMO landscape. This game masterfully blends core fighting and questing mechanics, heavily influenced by the Action RPG genre, with the expansive multiplayer world and in-game player interactions characteristic of traditional MMO systems.

Mist caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences, whether you're an avid fan of questing, raiding, player-versus-player battles, or simply reveling in a world teeming with possibilities. While questing and raiding are undeniably enjoyable, there's an incomparable thrill in defeating another player through a display of sheer skill. PvP in MMOs has long been a cherished tradition, reserved for those with the unwavering determination to excel at a game's mechanics.

Characters and Classes

Mist presents players with five distinct classes, each boasting unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses:

  • Crusader: Sworn to service, Crusaders are relentless warriors who gain a portion of their god's divine power. Wielding formidable melee weapons and unwavering conviction, Crusaders fearlessly engage in battle, knowing their valor will be handsomely rewarded in the afterlife.
  • Bard: As virtuosos of resonance, harmony, and charm, Bards invigorate and mend their allies while neutralizing their adversaries through the captivating power of music.
  • Berserker: Ferocious berserkers, driven by bloodlust, plunge fearlessly into the fray. Wielding a diverse arsenal of weapons, they unleash devastating damage upon their foes while relying on their heavy armor for protection.
  • Enchanter: Naturally gifted with psychic abilities and sharp, analytical minds, Enchanters can become invaluable allies or formidable adversaries. They deftly employ a vast array of spells and illusions to manipulate reality itself, outwitting their opponents at every turn.
  • Ranger: Rangers expertly channel the power of the natural world to manipulate nature's forces. Accompanied by their enigmatic canine companions, these skilled martial artists readily adapt to new weapons and fighting styles, adjusting their strategies to counter their foes in combat.
  • Shapeshifter: As masters of disguise, Shapeshifters take on the forms of cunning predators and unassuming creatures alike, always gaining an advantage in any situation. Utilizing potent multi-target attacks and ferocious melee abilities, they assert dominance on the battlefield.
  • Adventurer: Explorers traverse the world in search of treasure while mastering the art of combat. Renowned for their evasion and crowd control abilities, they possess the necessary tools to excel in any situation, both during and outside of combat engagements.
  • Witch Hunter: Trained to relentlessly pursue and eliminate evil with chilling precision, Witch Hunters are fixated on eradicating the unnatural. These ruthless assassins go to extraordinary lengths to turn their opponents' abilities against them, skillfully blending potent ranged attacks with clever defensive spells to keep enemies at bay.
  • Priest: Drawing upon the power of light, Priests heal and bolster their allies, while simultaneously afflicting and banishing their adversaries. Through their sacred connections, they ensure the survival and safeguarding of their comrades.


Mist offers an exhilarating, fast-paced action RPG experience where players must constantly stay on the move during combat. Utilizing WASD controls (with controller support in development), participants will engage in ample jumping and dodging to evade incoming projectiles and spells. However, players can unwind and role-play in the safety of neutral zones, under the watchful eyes of city guards.

In-game emotes enable players to celebrate victories with various dances and moves, even indulging in a cheeky gesture or two. Forming guilds and parties is essential as players traverse the world, as the overall game atmosphere relies on overcoming the myriad dangers lurking within the mist. NFTs such as powerful weapons, swift mounts, and in-game pets can be discovered, farmed, and collected. These NFTs not only serve as functional in-game items but can also be sold on in-game or third-party exchanges.

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Mist's NFTs stand out in their dynamism, utility, and functionality within the game universe. Unlike many NFTs in the crypto space that are merely collectibles or artwork, Mist's NFT Framework offers multi-purpose tokens. These NFTs not only boast impressive aesthetics but also provide tangible benefits to characters in-game.

Some NFTs represent potent weapons that boost attack damage or add unique effects to strikes. Others include defensive gear or wearable items that offer special protection. Furthermore, NFTs can manifest as in-game pets accompanying players on their journey or mounts that significantly enhance movement speed.

How to Get Started

Mist is already available for players to enjoy in its current Alpha state on both PC and Mac platforms. The latest build for each can be downloaded directly through the website.

About MIST


Mist stands out as an open-world Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) that brings a distinctive dynamic combat style to the realm of MMOs.


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