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MIR4, an MMORPG with a history in web3, comes from the creative minds at WeMade, who have delivered titles such as Legend of Mir 2 & 3 and Icarus. As the latest title from this esteemed studio, Mir4 set out to captivate players with its unique blend of abilities, customization, and unique player assistance functionality.

Through the game's lore, Mir4 unfolds a rich narrative that adds depth and meaning to the player's journey. Mir4 revolves around the story of an Asian princess from a fallen kingdom who runs away from an ambitious lord, who wants to kidnap and marry her as a way to become king. This narrative backdrop enhances the player experience as the main campaign quest follows this story.

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MIR4 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to accessibility either. It is available on all mobile game stores as well as Windows, steam, and Mac. The game accommodates a wide audience, allowing players from all demographics to enjoy this title. In addition to this, with moderate hardware requirements, even lower-spec machines can run this game comfortably.


The initial stages serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics, guiding players through character creation that has a complete customisation range for the character alongside 6 classes to choose from. The 6 classes available are Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, Lancer, Arbalist, and Darkist. As the player goes through the initial gameplay, they are educated and guided allowing players to learn the UI.

As the narrative unfolds, Mir4 introduces players to the intricacies of its economic system and crafting mechanics. Engaging in resource gathering and trading becomes not just a necessity but a strategic aspect of a player’s journey throughout the game. This layer of complexity adds a refreshing depth to the gameplay, rewarding those who invest time in mastering the economic intricacies that are usually seen in traditional MMORPG’s.

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As players get deeper into the game, the difficulty increases and cooperative play becomes a vital part of the core game experience. As the game offers a diverse range of skills and abilities, players can customise their combat style and develop unique strategies.

MIR4 truly comes into its own in the late-game stages, where player versus player (PvP) dynamics take center stage. The open-world PvP zones create a dynamic and competitive environment and players can even engage in large-scale battles for territory and resources.

An interesting addition to the gameplay in Mir4 is the assistant function which can allow the character to complete quests on a player's behalf. Although this function doesn’t intuitively include the talk function, players can press the quest to prompt such actions. This is something that sets this title apart from a lot of MMORPGs.

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MIR4 is a standout in the MMORPG genre in the web3 gaming ecosystem not only for its time in the market but also due to the depth of the game allowing players to game for hours on end. From seamlessly introducing fundamental gameplay elements, ensuring a smooth learning curve for both newcomers and seasoned adventurers to enjoy the game to its fullest.

Evaluating the gameplay experience, from having a thorough tutorial to explaining the lore of the IP through the campaign quests, Mir4 performs extremely well. The only drawback that I found whilst playing the game is that the UI is more suited to mobile even when playing on PC. Having a PC-specific UI that players could toggle on would be a great addition here.

In terms of audio elements present in the game, there are little to no complaints as WeMade has taken care of sound effects to match abilities to having backing soundtracks which provide an immersive experience to the environments that have been built.

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When looking at the graphics of MIR4, this is where the game is a level below next-gen games that feature Unreal Engine 5. However, for the genre of MMORPG that Mir4 intends to be, the UI and visual effects are more than adequate.

Overall, MIR4 deserves 8.5 out of 10. This is due to the never-ending gameplay that is available within this title as well as its complex crafting ecosystem that adds a layer of intricacies that can make a difference in the long term. Weaving this in with the overlying story of the IP is well done throughout the whole title. The only areas of improvement for this title would be to improve the UI for PC gamers and to have the audio in English for western audiences.  

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MIR4 Review

The graphics of MIR4, while not on par with next-gen games that utilize Unreal Engine 5, are considered more than sufficient for its MMORPG genre, thanks to its adequate UI and visual effects. The game's appeal lies in its endless gameplay and a complex crafting system that introduces depth and long-term engagement. These elements are seamlessly integrated with the overarching narrative of the IP. However, areas for improvement include enhancing the UI for PC gamers and offering English audio to better cater to Western audiences.



In-depth storyline

Smooth gameplay

Huge customization range

Most established web3 MMORPG title


UI can be overwhelming

AI assistance may not be for all gamers

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