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Are you prepared to dive back into the '80s? Whether you lived through the '80s or are new to the scene, Mighty Action Heroes is here to offer you an abundance of YEAH!, POW!, and BOOM! to satisfy your heart's desires. Running around like your favorite action hero (or your dad's) used to do, picking up shotguns, rifles, snipers, and let's not forget pizza—PIZZA everywhere!


Mighty Action Heroes sets itself apart from most games with visually striking aesthetics heavily influenced by the '80s. It's not just the art and menu screens but also the characters themselves, as if they were created back in the day as action figures. Some of these characters pay homage to almost-forgotten heroes. The only thing missing might be some iconic voice lines like "I'll be back" and "Fool!" but we can manage without them as we'll just reenact them ourselves. All of this is further enhanced by the amazing music to top it off.


Now, let's discuss gameplay. Mighty Action Heroes is a battle royale game where you'll duke it out in an arena set in the heart of a city. You and 19 others will enter the stage, eliminating each other one by one until a sole victor reigns supreme. Along the way to victory, you can pick up various weapons of different rarities, each with its own strengths and weaknesses for you to discover and adapt to your playstyle.

The core mechanics of the game are well-executed, with one notable "issue" being the sometimes unpredictable spawn locations. While in most battle royale games, you have a choice of where to drop, in Mighty Action Heroes, it's pre-determined, and sometimes you may find yourself spawning uncomfortably close to other players with minimal loot, forcing you to fend off enemies with just a pistol.


There's a diverse selection of characters to choose from, although most are locked behind an NFT paywall or the battle pass. Nevertheless, the game is entirely free to play and introduces intriguing character customization mechanics. Beyond varying stats like class, health, armor, speed, luck, and ability, you can further personalize your hero with perks and gadgets, adding depth to the familiar genre.

Speaking of perks, let's delve into that for a moment. Perks are power-ups you can equip to your hero, and these perks are upgradeable. From increased damage when below 25% health to boosted maximum armor, there's a wide array for you to experiment with. Each perk can also be upgraded, allowing you to fine-tune your playstyle. While currently limited to one perk, it hints at the possibility of having up to five, providing ample room for customization.



If you're a fan of battle royale games and seek an easy-to-pick-up option, Mighty Action Heroes is worth checking out. With its appealing aesthetic and quick matches, you can drop in for a few minutes to run a match or dedicate hours to grinding the battle pass and unlocking various perks and heroes. The game has provided me with hours of enjoyment, although I have concerns that it may not maintain long-term engagement like some other battle royales tend to do. It's likely a game I'll revisit periodically or play during my spare moments on my phone.

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Mighty Action Heroes Review

Mighty Action Heroes is a user-friendly battle royale game with quick matches and appealing visuals. It offers flexibility for short or extended gaming sessions, though its long-term appeal is uncertain compared to other titles in the genre. It's suitable for occasional play or idle moments on mobile devices.



Easy to pick up

Enjoyable quick matches

Consistent theme throughout

Nostalgic gaming references


Limited spawn/drop location choices

Only available in solo mode

Risk of lacking long-term player engagement

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Mighty Action Heroes is a real-time multiplayer Battle Royale with an emphasis on fun, skill, and chaos! Collect weapons of varying strengths and duke it out in a city & soundscape inspired heavily by classic action movies. Outmaneuver, defeat your opponents and be the last one standing in this fast and frantic third-person shooter.


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