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Unleash mayhem in the world’s mightiest action movie-inspired battle royale. Join a war torn arena of badass mercs and dodge bullets, hurl grenades, and call in the chopper. Destroy the competition in the time it takes to scarf a slice of pizza, and be the last one standing on the battlefield– but first in the leaderboards. When the dust settles, craft chaos-inducing Gadgets and unlock Perks to power up thousands of collectible heroes in a thriving on-chain universe. Don’t just be a hero, be a Mighty Action Hero!



Mighty Action Heroes is a thrilling realtime multiplayer third-person Battle Royale game that's all about fun, skill, and chaos! With a strong emphasis on nostalgia, players can relive the days of their favorite Saturday morning cartoons and collectible figurines. The game transports players into a fantasy world where their toys come to life, and the action heroes of the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s convene in a single video game.

Whether you're a pop culture buff, an action figure enthusiast, a dedicated gamer, or a Web3 native, Mighty Action Heroes has something for you. The game rewards players for their skill and mastery of the arena, allowing them to unbox and actually own and use their mint figurines from childhood in-game. Get ready for an action-packed adventure with Mighty Action Heroes!

Game Modes


Mighty Action Heroes offers an easy and straightforward entry process that's as simple as picking out a new collectible figurine. Select your Hero, equip them with appropriate gear, and get ready to face off against other players in the arena.

At launch, Mighty Action Heroes' Battle Royale mode will be the primary focus, featuring up to 20 players per game. However, the development team is committed to introducing multiple team and solo objective game modes in the future.

For players who prefer a less chaotic experience, Mighty Action Heroes will offer Missions. These allow players to earn rewards without diving into the thick of PVP battles. Missions have varying requirements and can take varying amounts of time to complete. To succeed in each mission, players must equip their Heroes with beneficial gear.

Equipment and Gear

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Mighty Action Heroes offers an exciting blend of both Non-NFT (Novice) and NFT Heroes and Equipment, providing players with endless possibilities to craft their ideal character. At the start of the game, all players will begin with a collection of Non-NFT (Novice) Heroes and equipment, each with standard traits, stats, visuals, and abilities. However, players will have the opportunity to upgrade their Heroes by acquiring NFT Heroes, unique non-fungible tokens that come with their own visual and non-visual traits and unique equipment slots.

Equipment plays an equally important role in Mighty Action Heroes, and players will have the chance to collect both Novice (non-NFT) and NFT Equipment, with each non-Novice piece being a unique non-fungible token. Equipment will be classified by their base types and rarities and can contain different Traits that impact gameplay in various ways.

Traits will be categorised into different Rarity tiers, and some will be rarer than others. They will have a direct impact on game modes and Missions, making them a vital part of the equipment and Hero ecosystem. Players will be able to earn Blueprints for specific Equipment through completing Missions, winning tournaments or events, or trading with other players. Each crafted Equipment is an NFT, so players are free to trade crafted equipment on the open market.

Challenge Matches


Mighty Action Heroes introduces an exhilarating new addition to its gameplay repertoire with the launch of a 1-v-1 Battle Mode, designed to offer players a more competitive and direct engagement experience. In this mode, participants are randomly matched against one another in a high-stakes environment where the winner takes all. To enter this thrilling challenge, players are required to stake 6 Gems, the game's valuable in-game currency, setting the stage for intense battles with significant rewards on the line.

The unique aspect of this Battle Mode lies in its random rewards multiplier, adding an element of surprise and potential for substantial gains to each match. However, this also introduces a risk factor, as participants stand to lose their entry Gems if defeated.


The mode is accessible during specific, limited times, making each opportunity to compete highly anticipated. Matches are designed to be quick, lasting only 60 seconds, providing a fast-paced gaming experience that not only tests players' skills but also offers a rapid means to farm Gems. This player-versus-player (PvP) format emphasizes skill, strategy, and a bit of luck, appealing to those looking for a quick and engaging way to enhance their in-game resources, albeit with the inherent risk of losing their stake in the heat of battle.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Access Mighty Action Heroes

Navigate to the official Mighty Action Heroes platform where you can play the game.

Step 2: Connect Your Wallet

You have the option to connect your wallet via the WalletConnect QR code or directly with your Coinbase or MetaMask extensions. Note that the connect option for Coinbase or MetaMask will not appear if you do not have the respective extension installed.

Step 3: Click 'PLAY' and Enjoy!

Simply click on the ‘PLAY’ button, and you're ready to dive into the exciting world of Mighty Action Heroes.

BONUS Step 4: For Extra Rewards, Hold a Qualifying NFT

Make sure to connect a wallet that holds an NFT from either of the following collections to lock them in the game's terminal to receive daily emissions of MBITs. MBITs is a non-tradable points system that can be used to purchase in-game supply crates for crafting purposes.

And that's it! You're now ready to enjoy the thrilling gameplay and explore the universe of Mighty Action Heroes. Have fun!

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Mighty Action Heroes

Mighty Action Heroes is a real-time multiplayer Battle Royale with an emphasis on fun, skill, and chaos! Collect weapons of varying strengths and duke it out in a city & soundscape inspired heavily by classic action movies. Outmaneuver, defeat your opponents and be the last one standing in this fast and frantic third-person shooter.


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