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Metropolis World offers a unique social commerce experience, blending elements of gaming, shopping, and social interaction in a dynamic virtual environment. The platform features a gamified marketplace where digital collectibles can be used to access real-world products, exclusive content, and immersive experiences. With over 500 distinct properties to explore, users can engage in special events, games, quests, and entertainment activities, all created by a diverse community of artists, creators, and brands.

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Metropolis World is a virtual city-building game where players craft and manage their own metropolises. The game focuses on strategic planning, resource management, and community interaction. Players can construct various buildings, manage resources, and participate in events while interacting with a vibrant community. The game offers extensive customization options, allowing players to shape their cities according to their visions.

Metropolis World is set in a futuristic universe where advanced technology and innovative urban designs have transformed city living. After a cataclysmic event involving six asteroids, the landscape of Earth was drastically altered. The asteroids' impact gave rise to unique elemental powers, leading to the creation of sister cities and moon planets with deep symbiotic relationships. The city of Celeste, one of these metropolises, rose into the sky, offering its citizens a connection to the elemental power of Air. 

Gameplay and Features

City Building and Management

Players start with a blank canvas and gradually develop their cities by constructing a wide range of buildings, from residential apartments and commercial skyscrapers to parks and cultural landmarks. Each building serves a specific purpose, contributing to the overall development of the city.

Resource Management

Efficient resource management is key to maintaining a thriving city. Players must balance budgets, manage resources like water and electricity, and ensure their citizens' needs are met. Neglecting any aspect can lead to issues such as power outages or social unrest.

Social Interaction

Metropolis World emphasizes social interaction, allowing players to visit other cities, trade resources, and collaborate on projects. The game encourages community and cooperation, enhancing the overall experience.

Regular events and challenges keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. Events range from natural disasters that test crisis management skills to cultural festivals that boost city morale. Participating in these events yields valuable rewards and enriches the gameplay experience. As players advance, they unlock new buildings, technologies, and upgrades. The progression system provides a sense of achievement and motivates players to keep developing their cities. Milestones are celebrated with in-game rewards, adding to the satisfaction of gameplay.


The citizens of Celeste blend human, animal, and machine traits, forming factions based on interests and talents, including Dynamics, Givers, Naturalists, Conjurers, Laureates, Mayhems, and Renegades. Nomads, inhabitants of moon planets, also have their factions: Technokrats, Wayfarers, Merchants, Regenerators, and Cosmics.

NFTs and Blockchain

Metropolis World integrates blockchain technology, offering players the opportunity to own unique NFTs. These NFTs, based on the ERC-721 standard, represent various in-game assets such as buildings, characters, and items. Players can buy, sell, and trade these NFTs on the Metropolis World marketplace, adding a layer of economic depth to the game.

Avatars and Passports

Players can create unique avatars, each with its own digital DNA. Avatars come with interchangeable accessories, clothing, and items, providing endless customization options. The game's Passports, also ERC-721 NFTs, grant players access to exclusive perks, such as early access to limited edition drops, special quests, and governance rights. You can out Metropolis World assets and NFTs here.

$CLAY Token

The $CLAY token is the backbone of the Metropolis World economy. Players can earn $CLAY through various activities, such as staking, questing, and property ownership. The token is used to unlock quests, trade items, and participate in the game's governance. $CLAY's utility ensures that it remains a critical asset for players, driving engagement and investment in the game's ecosystem.

How to Get Started 

Metropolis World is still in its early stages of development, with playtests expected to be released soon. In the meantime, interested individuals can explore the Metropolis World website and create their own avatars for the game. 

For those particularly interested in the assets of Metropolis World, obtaining a Metropolis Passport might be beneficial. This passport serves as a VIP pass, providing access to exclusive perks, early access to limited edition drops, and special airdropped items. It ensures priority access to future cities and properties, allowing users to be at the forefront of new opportunities in the game.

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