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MetaRun, a mobile-based infinite runner game, injects fresh competitiveness into a genre popularized by titles like Temple Run. Unlike its predecessor, MetaRun isn't a solo adventure; it's a real-time competitive battleground offering character-based tactical gameplay.

Stepping into the whimsical world of MetaRun, nostalgia washes over you. The three-lane track, obstacle dodging, and coin collecting harken back to the thrills of Temple Run. However, MetaRun introduces a competitive twist with its Endless-Run and Battle-Run modes, allowing players to race against the game or real opponents.


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You can choose from a selection of heroes to represent you in the race. These heroes not only provide visual diversity but also bring different stats and abilities to the race. Depending on the hero's rarity, they have varying level caps, with Commons maxing out at level 5 and Epics reaching level 15. Leveling up your hero increases their stats range, but acquiring rarer heroes comes at a premium currency cost, leaving room for debate about its impact on gameplay.

While dashing through lanes, avoiding obstacles, and outpacing rivals, the primary goal is to amass coins and power-ups. Each power-up has a unique unlocking method. One power-up is hero-specific, another relies on flask collection, and the last is randomly selected from crates along the track. Despite their different appearances, power-ups all serve one purpose: clearing the path for an unobstructed run.

The gameplay is intuitive, featuring responsive controls that make lane-switching, jumping, and sliding under obstacles a breeze. Vibrant graphics and smooth animations create a visually pleasing experience. The whimsical theme, coupled with upbeat music, enhances engagement, albeit for a limited time.

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However, MetaRun could benefit from more power-up variety and challenges to maintain player engagement. Competing against real players adds excitement, but the core gameplay could use additional features or modes. Energy limitations for PvP races can disrupt the flow of dip-in-and-out gameplay typically associated with this genre.

Moreover, the necessity to participate in unranked PvP games to earn energy is hindered by a relatively low player base. During testing, finding opponents for races proved challenging, which could pose a significant hurdle for a game aiming to distinguish itself through PvP features. Nevertheless, there are leaderboards offering different rewards, including energy and premium currency.


In conclusion, MetaRun combines the classic endless runner genre with PvP elements, offering a competitive twist. While it doesn't revolutionize the genre, the variety of heroes and progression system give players a reason to return. However, the game's enjoyment could be greatly enhanced if the PvP player base becomes more populated.

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Metarun Review

MetaRun blends the traditional endless runner genre with PvP elements to provide a competitive experience. While it doesn't introduce groundbreaking innovations to the genre, its diverse heroes and progression system offer incentives for players to revisit. Nevertheless, the game's appeal would significantly improve with a more substantial PvP player base.



PvP potential

Diverse selection of heroes

Multiple leaderboards


Lack of player base

Superficial variety

Limited innovation in the genre

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Metarun is a runner game that combines traditional gameplay mechanics with smart-contract-powered features such as NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain.


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