MetalCore Guide: $MCG Utility and In-Game Functionality

A comprehensive MetalCore guide on the $MCG token utility and its role within the game.

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MetalCore is a multiplayer mech shooter game tailored for the web3 gaming community, boasting AAA action and an expansive open world. Developed by the seasoned team at Studio 369, it offers intense battles with up to 60 players per server and features over 150 playable units, including mechs, tanks, aircraft, and infantry. Players can customize their vehicle loadouts to suit their preferences and unlock nine distinct classes through progression, such as infantry, engineer, and medic.

One of MetalCore's standout features is its exclusive Dynamic Mission System, promising over 1,000 hours of gameplay. This system utilizes proprietary technology to generate missions based on player metrics, resulting in a dynamically evolving and immersive world that efficiently responds to player actions and events.

Studio 369 Web3 Game MetalCore Closed Beta

The game has seen significant growth metrics during limited access testing, with a 67% increase in participants and a staggering 1,167% spike in beta waitlist sign-ups within a span of 60 days. Notably, 67% of PvE event participants demonstrated high retention rates, spending an average of over three hours playing daily.

MetalCore integrates $MCG, its native token, as a cornerstone of its economy. Players can engage in activities such as looting, crafting, and trading resources and vehicles, as well as competing for territory and resources in structured PvP. $MCG is essential for unlocking higher tiers of rewards, repairing and respawning units, and upgrading equipment. It is utilized across various in-game activities, including upgrading, crafting, repairing vehicles and items, hiring infantry, and purchasing items from the in-game shop. 

Studio 369 CEO Discusses MetalCore and Future of Web3 Gaming

Moreover, $MCG serves as both a sink and a faucet within the game economy. It is drained through activities like upgrading and purchasing items, while being replenished through in-game boosts and rewards such as airdrops and social quests. MetalCore introduces an innovative Mission Rewards system to foster community engagement and increase NFT volume. Players complete daily missions during beta phases, with Genesis NFT owners having the ability to increase their number of daily missions and subsequent rewards.

Overall, MetalCore offers a compelling gaming experience with its immersive world, diverse gameplay mechanics, and integration of $MCG to drive its economy and reward system. As the game continues to evolve and expand, it aims to further solidify its position as a leading title in the web3 gaming landscape.


April 9th 2024


April 9th 2024

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