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Dive into the world of Metahorse Unity, where the excitement of horse racing meets the innovation of blockchain technology. In this Racing meets RPG game, players can mint their own NFT horses, engage in both player vs. environment and player vs. player races, and explore a rich ecosystem designed to connect gamers and Web3 enthusiasts alike.

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Metahorse Unity is a blockchain-based horse racing game that merges the excitement of real-time racing with RPGs. It allows players to breed, train, and race digital horses and participate in various competitions. 

Metahorse Unity aims to create a cross-platform NFT game that connects the worlds of Web3 and gaming. With the integration of blockchain technology, players have the opportunity to mint NFT horses, earn tokens through gameplay, and participate in a global ecosystem where they can trade and interact with others.

Gameplay and Features

Metahorse Unity is designed to cater to a wide range of players, offering various race types and competitive modes. Players can engage in quick races, PVE challenges, arena PVP modes, grand prize races, and special race modes. The game emphasizes skill improvement through racing and breeding, alongside trading and owning NFT horses for a deeper gameplay experience.

Race Types and Winning Options

The game unfolds through several activities. You can challenge other players or AI in races, work on boosting your skills through consistent racing and strategic breeding, and even own horses that others can use for breeding. Additionally, there's the option to act as a professional rider for horses owned by fellow players, adding another layer of strategy and cooperation to the gameplay. 

Trading and Multiplayer Options

Trading options include selling skilled horses or NFTs in the marketplace for profit or investment. Multiplayer aspects involve participating in seasonal contests, and special tournaments, creating private tournaments, and catching limited giveaways for community engagement.

You can join guilds, team up with friends, and tackle quests to make your gaming more enjoyable. Plus, if you're one of the best racers or you've got some of the best NFT horses, you can show off your skills on Twitch or YouTube. And for those who own NFT horses, you can have an earning potential by breeding them or renting them out to other players. 


Stutengarden is an integral part of the Metahorse Unity ecosystem, offering players a unique blend of adventure and strategy. This game allows players to explore the land of wild metahorses, capturing, taming, and upgrading these magnificent creatures to enhance their stables. Stutengarden adds an additional layer of gameplay to the Metahorse Unity Ecosystem, emphasizing exploration and the thrill of discovery.

Capturing and Taming Metahorses

Players venture into Stutengarden to identify and capture tamable horses. The process involves increasing the relationship level with the metahorse to 75% using specific items and strategies. Once captured, players can upgrade their horses by spending in-game currency, aiming to transform them into valuable NFT horses that can be used in races or traded in the marketplace.

How to Get Started

Metahorse Unity is building an ecosystem of games, anchored by its flagship horse-racing title and complemented by the horse-taming adventure, Stutengarden. While many of these games are in the early stages of development, players looking forward to the launch might find value in securing Metahorse NFTs early on. Additionally, Metahorse Unity is gearing up for the beta testing of Stutengarden. To stay informed about this and other updates, make sure to follow their social media channels.

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Metahorse Unity

Metahorse Unity is a blockchain-based horse racing RPG that combines the thrill of competitive racing with the strategic depth of an RPG.


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