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Discover MetaFight, a web3 game that blends intense competitive brawling with innovative digital collectibles and play-to-earn mechanics. In this game, players can amass and register fighter cards, engage in diverse arena leagues, and strive to ascend the leaderboard to unlock rewards.

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MetaFight is a web3 game that merges the thrill of competitive brawling with the innovative aspects of digital collectibles and play-to-earn mechanics. In this game, players can collect and register fighter cards, participate in various leagues within the arenas, and climb the leaderboard to earn rewards.


MetaFight offers a competitive gaming environment where players can immerse themselves in various leagues, each presenting distinct challenges and the potential for lucrative rewards. The game extends beyond the typical arena setup with a special extended arena, designed to provide fighters with additional avenues to showcase their prowess and earn alternative rewards. At the core of MetaFight's reward system is a play-to-earn model that incentivizes players with Ethereum Ξ and other in-game items, directly correlating their gaming success with tangible earnings.

The game's content is rich with digital collectibles in the form of fighter cards, which players can amass, exchange, and utilize strategically in battles. These cards are more than just virtual assets; they represent a player's arsenal and are pivotal in climbing the ranks of the MetaFight leagues. Strategic gameplay is paramount, as players must judiciously select the right combination of fighters and leagues to participate in, ensuring the best possible outcomes and maximizing their earnings.

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MetaFight harnesses the power of web3, which serves as the backbone for its digital collectibles, ensuring secure ownership and a transparent reward system. This integration of blockchain not only enhances the security and integrity of the game's economy but also provides players with a sense of true ownership over their digital assets. The strategic and economic elements of MetaFight, combined with the thrill of competitive play, create a multifaceted gaming experience that appeals to both the tactician and the collector within the gaming community.

How to Get Started

  1. Create your Own Collection: Start collecting licenced fighter cards: buy card packs or single cards to build up your collection.
  2. Understand the Leagues: Learn about the different leagues available in the arenas where you can register your fighters.
  3. Join the Arenas: Register your fighter cards in the appropriate leagues within the arenas to start competing.
  4. Climb the Leaderboard: Earn points through competition to ascend the leaderboard and gain recognition.
  5. Earn Rewards: Participate in the Extended Arena for a chance to win Ethereum Ξ and other alternative items.

About MetaFight


MetaFight is a web3 game that combines competitive brawling with digital collectibles and play-to-earn features. Players collect fighter cards, engage in arena leagues, and aim to climb the leaderboard for rewards.


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