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MetaDOS revolutionizes the battle royale genre by integrating the novel time-as-currency concept, making high-stakes, fast-paced battles centered on the ticking clock.

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MetaDOS takes the battle royale gaming genre into the next era, incorporating the concept of time-as-currency. Engage in rapid-fire, high-stakes battles where the ticking clock takes center stage. In this combat arena, you take on the role of legendary characters (referred to as The Players), each possessing potent abilities. Join forces with your teammates to outfight and outlast others in a skill-intensive Tournament, striving to be the last individual or trio left standing.

Handpick your Player, each offering a distinctive personality and an array of strengths and abilities. These attributes are straightforward to learn but provide a true challenge when it comes to mastering them. Remember, time is more than just a resource; it's your lifeline. Accumulating sufficient time can give Players a significant edge in the battlefield.

Battles can break out at any place and any time, transforming the strategy of charting a course to secure the best gear into an exhilarating part of the gameplay. With MetaDOS, you're not just playing a game; you're racing against time.


MetaDOS features two main game modes, one of them is the studio's original take on the battle royale genre. The game's Time game mode simply puts your time on the line, making it your lifeline. Choose from an array of characters including outlaws, soldiers, and unconventional misfits, each boasting their own unique abilities. The grand Meta Battle invites all challengers - survival is the key. And remember, the threats aren't limited to your adversaries and the encroaching Ring.

On the other hand, the game offers the more traditional battle royale experience, where you get to join forces with your team and engage in large-scale battles, pitting dozens to hundreds of players against one another. You will have to fight your way to be the last combatant standing on the battlefield, claiming glory and honor, and experience the expansive world of MetaDOS.


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There are four main character types; Offensive, Tank, Tech, and Support. MetaDOS plans to launch with 10 characters for players to choose from, each catering to a unique playstyle to give players the opportunity to choose the one that suits them the most.

The roster includes:

  1. Tether - Offensive: The renowned American Bounty Hunter, is known for his exceptional precision in taking down targets and evading danger with ease. Never short of self-assuredness, Tether is the type to leap into action first and inquire later.
  2. Terra - Tank: A formidable Korean fighter, is driven by two primary missions: locating her child and delivering powerful punches to her adversaries. Regardless of the obstacles in her path or the efforts to subdue her, Terra's indomitable anger fuels her strength.
  3. Solana - Offensive: A Japanese assassin hailing from a Yakuza lineage, is renowned for her exceptional assassination skills. As lethal as a sharpened blade, she embodies a living weapon. Solana navigates through shadows, silently closing in on her targets to execute them with her deadly precision.
  4. Cardano - Support: Once a respected Italian chemist, Cardano has been slowly consumed by his envy of others' achievements. This envy has gradually spiraled out of control, plunging him into a delusion of his own making.
  5. Space Karen - Offensive: Billionaire Space Karen reigns as the president of the space technology giant, SPACEZ. With his flamboyant personality, he has earned a reputation as the world's most unpredictable billionaire.
  6. Ark - Tech: ARK, the sole survivor of a devastating house fire, was compelled to undergo transformation into a cyborg. Her mechanized body, which automatically engages in battle mode, propels her on a journey of self-discovery.
  7. Dai - Offensive: Raised in a farming family that adopted him, he was instilled with the virtues of chivalry and a spirit of altruism from a young age. This upbringing sparked in him a passion for justice.
  8. Avax - Tech: Avax is the mastermind behind the construction of DOS Labs. Tragically, he was betrayed and targeted for assassination by a friend he trusted. However, Avax managed to fake his own death, re-emerging to establish LEGION.
  9. Stellar - Support: As a young lawyer, she has consistently been an advocate for the less privileged in society, using her legal prowess to defend their rights. The Korean Intelligence Service's Counterintelligence Unit covertly selected her to probe into the activities of DOS Labs, tapping into her commitment to justice and her sharp investigative skills.
  10. Tron - Tech: The CEO of a prominent technology corporation, is stirred into action by the enigmatic demise of his father. Determined to unravel the truth behind the tragedy, he resolves to carry out his own investigation, setting his sights on infiltrating the elusive DOS corporation.

How to Get Started

MetaDOS is currently available under Early Access on Steam. Simply go to the game page on Steam, request access, and you will be prompted once you are able to play the game. There are periodic updates and scheduled playtests for players to hop on together so keep an eye on MetaDOS' socials.

About MetaDOS


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In the battle royale landscape, MetaDOS introduces a new epoch, with time-as-currency underpinning intense, quickfire confrontations where time is the central player.


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