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Megaweapon immerses players in a futuristic arena where they compete to assemble powerful weapons from defeated enemies. With both Free For All and Team Battle modes, the game combines easy-to-learn mechanics with challenging strategic depth, appealing to a wide range of gamers. Customize characters, track your stats, and aim for the top of the leaderboards in this fast-paced shooter experience.

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Megaweapon is a fast-paced, top-down shooter that offers intense multiplayer action. It’s designed to be accessible yet challenging, appealing to both casual gamers and those who enjoy skill-based competition. Players can participate in chaotic free-for-all battles or strategic team-based modes, each with unique challenges. Set in a futuristic arena, Megaweapon places players in a relentless pursuit of power. The game's narrative revolves around the assembly of Megaweapons from parts collected from defeated enemies.

Gameplay and Features

In Megaweapon, players can choose from two primary game modes: Free For All (FFA) and Team Battle.

In the Free For All mode, players compete individually, striving to outlast or outscore their opponents. The Deathmatch variant within FFA is a classic mode where players aim for the highest number of kills. Alternatively, in the Gun Game mode, players advance through a series of weapons with each kill, testing their adaptability and skill.

The Team Battle mode requires players to work together to achieve victory, emphasizing coordination and strategy. In Team Deathmatch, teams compete to achieve the highest collective kill count. The Domination variant involves teams capturing and holding designated areas to accumulate points, adding a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay.

Key Features:

  • Custom Characters: Players can create and personalize their characters, making each player's presence unique.
  • Collectible Assets: Unique in-game items can be collected and used to enhance gameplay.
  • Stats & Leaderboards: Players can track their performance, compare with others, and strive for top rankings.


  • Players collect parts from fallen enemies to assemble powerful Megaweapons.
  • Megaweapons provide significant advantages, making their assembly a strategic goal during matches.

Game Combat Mechanics

Players control their characters using WASD keys or a joystick for movement, and aim and shoot with the mouse or right joystick. Actions like running, rolling, and reloading are mapped to specific keys. Walking and running offer tactical options, with running consuming stamina. Rolling, used for dodging and reducing damage, also depletes stamina. Players start with maximum health, which depletes upon damage, and there are no health pickups, making stamina management crucial.

Players can acquire various weapons, each with unique attributes. Combat involves aiming with a reticle, and weapon accuracy is influenced by movement and recoil. Some weapons inflict debuffs like fire or poison, adding strategic depth. For survival, rolling can extinguish flames and evade attacks, but it consumes stamina, which must be conserved. Standing still stops bleeding faster, and avoiding self-inflicted damage is key to maintaining a high score.

NFTs and Blockchain 

Megaweapon Pro is an enhanced version of the base game that includes features akin to gambling, requiring entry fees and offering payouts for each match using the $WEAPON token. The Megaweapon team is building on both Avalanche and Beam chains.

Players pay an entry fee to join a match. Once the minimum and maximum player conditions are met, the entry fees are locked, and the match begins. After the match concludes, the final results are sent to the smart contract, which then distributes the payouts to the winners.
On the other hand, Megaweapon already has its first NFT collection called MEGAWEAPON - Degenerator S01, whose utilities are yet to be fully announced.

How to Get Started

To begin playing Megaweapon, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Game: Access Megaweapon from the official website or from the Hyperplay platform.
  2. Choose Your Mode: Decide between Free For All or Team Battle.
  3. Learn the Controls: Familiarize yourself with the default controls in the main menu.Movement: Use WASD keys or the left joystick.Aiming and Shooting: Use the mouse cursor or right joystick to aim; left click or right trigger to fire.Actions: Various keys handle running, rolling, reloading, and other actions.
  4. Movement: Use WASD keys or the left joystick.
  5. Aiming and Shooting: Use the mouse cursor or right joystick to aim; left click or right trigger to fire.
  6. Actions: Various keys handle running, rolling, reloading, and other actions.
  7. Start Playing: Begin with the tutorial arena, The Range, to practice and understand the game mechanics.
  8. Assemble Megaweapons: Collect and deposit parts from defeated enemies to create powerful Megaweapons, giving you an edge in combat.

About Megaweapon


Megaweapon is a fast-paced, top-down shooter offering intense multiplayer action with various game modes and strategic gameplay.


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