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The last son of House Wintercrest is being hunted by the progenitor Vladislav. In a desperate attempt to survive, he must escape the dark lord’s domain and avoid any obstacles in his path. Unfortunately, Vladislav has full control over his domain and it seems as if you are running endlessly in this twisted dimension!

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MagicRunner is a thrilling 3D endless runner that has you racing through a dark, obstacle-filled domain to escape the clutches of the dark lord Vladislav. Inspired by classics like Temple Run and Subway Surfer, it offers a fun, fast-paced experience where you can earn $MCRT tokens by completing daily missions. As you run, you'll collect coins and power-ups, aiming for the top of the global leaderboards. Plus, you can unlock cool characters and skins to customize your game and keep the adventure fresh and exciting.

Gameplay and Features 

In MagicRunner, your goal is to outrun Vladislav by navigating through various obstacles and enemies. Collect coins, power-ups, and aim for a high score on the global leaderboards. As you run further, the game speeds up, making it tougher to avoid obstacles. Completing daily missions earns you $MCRT tokens. Success in the game hinges on skill and strategy. The more you play, the better you understand the game mechanics, which helps in achieving higher scores in future runs.


Random power-ups appear on the map! Get a better high score when you map out your course and make use of these powerful tools that appear around the map as the run progresses. There are three primary power-ups in MagicRunner and each of them has a unique importance that helps players attain a better final score.

  • Magnet: The Magnet is the most basic power-up in MagicRunner. It allows the player to draw all nearby coins towards their character as they run. This allows the player to focus on avoiding obstacles without worrying about maximizing their coin earnings as the run progresses.
  • Rocket: The Rocket is a powerful tool that allows your character to fly in the air and avoid all obstacles. Once in the air, you won’t have to worry about encountering enemies or avoiding obstacles. However, coins and power-ups still spawn in the sky so all you have to do is map out your course and maximize your score and coin collection until the timer runs out!  
  • Coin Multiplier: The Coin Bonus power-up may seem like the least impactful power-up on the list when it comes to gameplay but for those who want to maximize their gameplay and earnings, this is the most important tool to get in the game. This bonus doubles the coins you get for a limited time, which is a great combo if you have either the magnet, rocket, or both!  

Unlockable Content

Collect various characters, skins, and cosmetics in MagicRunner! You can fully customize your experience in the game by using different unlockable content that truly adds a unique feeling to the game and gives players an additional goal when earning resources that are earned when playing MagicRunner.

Characters can be unlocked in the game as well. You can either buy them in the shop using coins or gems or purchase an exclusive NFT that will allow players to play the character in this game. The studio is using characters that already exist within the MagicCraft ecosystem to keep it familiar to players. You can unlock different skins. For example, you aren’t limited to having just the rocket. You can use different items to take you up to the sky which will make your character look a lot cooler as you farm more coins to unlock other contents.

Chests are the prized rewards in MagicRunner. You can find them on the game's lobby website. This is where you can get some premium rewards like MCRT. All you have to do is complete the indicated missions on each chest and you’ll earn a random amount of MCRT based on the chest you opened.

How to Get Started

MagicRunner is now available and packed with the latest content! Download the game through the Play Store here and dive into MagicCraft's endless runner adventure.  

About MagicRunner


MagicCraft Ltd

Release Date

May 17th 2024

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MagicRunner is a 3D endless runner inspired by titles like Temple Run and Subway Surfer. As a single player play-to-earn game, it rewards players when they fulfill daily missions, allowing them to open chests containing random amounts of the $MCRT token.


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