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Legends Reborn takes players to the enchanted realm of Tolkheim where strategic mastery of the card game "Chance" is crucial for dominance. This web3 trading card game allows players to collect and assemble decks from an array of heroes, creatures, and action cards.

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Legends Reborn is a web3 trading card game (TCG) that offers a blend of classic TCG gameplay with modern blockchain technology, where players can collect, trade, and battle with unique NFT cards. Developed by Gala Games and set in the mystical world of Tolkheim, the game emphasizes strategy and skill, with players using decks they build to compete in battles. The game is accessible for free on both PC and Mac platforms.

Gameplay and Features

Legends Reborn offers a rich gameplay experience that combines the depth of card games with 3D battles. Players collect cards that can be used in the game or traded on the blockchain. These cards include both Creature and Action cards, each playing a critical role in the battles. The game also introduces a unique feature of card crafting, where players can dismantle unwanted cards to create new ones, adding a layer of strategy and customization.

Players can craft unique decks by combining heroes, creatures, and action cards. Heroes bring powerful cards that can turn the tide of battle, creatures execute strategic attacks and synergize with each other, and action cards provide tactical control over the board. The current game version offers a robust collection of over 6 heroes, more than 110 action cards, and upwards of 35 creatures, offering plenty of depth for crafting winning strategies.

One of the notable innovations in Legends Reborn is the introduction of Venue Ownership. Players can own virtual venues where battles are hosted, and these venues can earn rewards based on the activities that occur within them. This feature not only adds a strategic dimension to the game but also integrates play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to gain financial rewards through skillful play and smart investments.

NFTs and Blockchain

With the game's web3 integrations, Players can own their cards as NFTs, making them tangible assets within the game ecosystem. These NFTs are tradable on GalaChain and can even be bridged to Ethereum for trading on secondary markets. The game's economy also features $TOLK, a token that players can earn through gameplay and use to purchase new cards or participate in special events. 

How to Get Started

Getting started with Legends Reborn is easy as the game is accessible for download on both Steam and the official Gala Games website. They recently sold out their basic and premium creature box NFTs through the Gala marketplace.

About Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn

Legends Reborn, developed within Gala Games, is a web3 trading card game set in the mystical world of Tolkheim, focusing on strategic deck-building and 3D battles.


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