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Legends at War


Legends at War offers a gaming experience set in medieval times, where strategic decisions, alliances, and combat abilities impact the fate of kingdoms. This sandbox-style game combines historical elements with web3 technology, offering a unique adventure for players.

Legends at war key art.jpg
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Legends at war key art.jpg
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Embark on a journey back in time to the heart of medieval conflict in Legends at War, where strategy, alliances, and combat prowess determine the fate of kingdoms. Engage in a sandbox experience that blends historical intrigue with web3 technology, offering a unique gaming adventure.


Legends at War invites players into an expansive sandbox world reminiscent of the medieval era, where every decision carves out a unique legacy on the game's landscape. This digital realm is a place where strategy extends beyond the battlefield, as players shape their journey through a series of critical choices and alliances. The game's strategic depth is further enriched by the alliances players can forge. Collaborative efforts and diplomatic skills are as vital as martial prowess, allowing for a rich tapestry of interactions and power dynamics that mirror the complex feudal societies of the past.

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Players can test their mettle in grand battles that demand tactical acumen and strategic foresight. These epic confrontations are not only a test of individual skill but also of collective coordination, as players work together to achieve victory and glory. Legends at War harnesses the power of blockchain technology to immortalize players' achievements and territorial conquests. This integration ensures that every triumph and setback in the game is recorded with permanence, adding a layer of significance to the players' in-game actions.

The backdrop of Legends at War is a world steeped in the rich history and harsh realities of the Middle Ages. Players will delve into a narrative that captures the essence of this tumultuous period, filled with opportunities for the bold and consequences for the unwary.

How to Get Started in Legends at War

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Step 1: Enter the Battlefield

Dive into a world where the English and French are locked in a relentless war, with a 16-year-old warrior in black armor standing valiantly at the forefront.

Step 2: Build Your Empire

Construct a formidable stronghold, develop your resources, and create an unbreakable foundation for your legacy.

Step 3: Forge Alliances

Ally with other players to strengthen your position. In the world of Legends at War, unity is strength.

Step 4: Wage War

Strategize and lead your armies into battle. Your tactical decisions will either lead to glorious victory or crushing defeat.

Step 5: Claim On-Chain Dominance

Every victory and conquest in Legends at War contributes to your blockchain dominance, with real-world implications and rewards.

About Legends at War


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Legends at War

Explore medieval conflict in Legends at War, a game where strategy, alliances, and combat skills shape the destiny of kingdoms. This sandbox experience combines historical intrigue with web3 technology, providing a distinctive gaming adventure.


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