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Legendary: Heroes Unchained


Legendary Heroes Unchained (LHU) is an RPG developed by N3TWORK Studios, blending elements from their other title, Legendary Game of Heroes. LHU offers a fusion of collectible card gameplay and dungeon crawling, as players assemble a roster of heroes to engage in the quest of defeating end-of-dungeon bosses.

Having recently concluded a closed alpha on July 31st, the game granted access to loyalty pass holders, partners, and select Discord role holders. Currently accessible via web browsers, the team is gearing up to launch the game on all platforms, including mobile.

Presently, LHU's lore remains somewhat limited, with players venturing into the fantasy realm of Korelis while gaining background insights into the collectible heroes. This foundation holds potential for future expansion and enrichment.


Upon entering Legendary Heroes Unchained, players assemble their hero team for dungeon exploration, followed by encountering a screen featuring up to three tiles. These tiles offer varied combat difficulties that players can choose to engage with or evade, along with shrines granting buffs, luck tiles enabling scenario gambling, and intermittent Merchant tiles for acquiring items using in-game coins. Energy consumption occurs during tile progression and combat actions, with the option to amplify energy expenditure for combat bonuses, increasing heroes' damage output. Energy regenerates over time when the player is inactive.

Combat-wise, heroes accrue mana during battles, unlocking special abilities upon reaching maximum capacity, encompassing both offensive and defensive skills. Heroes' experience and levels grow through tile completion, requiring increasing experience thresholds as their levels advance.

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Legendary Heroes Unchained offers an engaging dungeon crawling experience with varying difficulty levels to cater to players' preferences for intensity. While categorized as an RPG, the game also shares resemblances with roguelite deckbuilders, combining these elements in a dungeon crawling context that appeals to distinct player bases. The web browser-based gameplay contributes to accessibility, requiring minimal hardware demands.

The visual aspect emerges as a standout feature, infusing vibrant colors and lively animations into the game, notably evident in the hero's ultimate abilities. Combat seamlessly aligns with players' initial expectations set by the main menu presentation.

Transitioning to the game's audio, the dynamic combat soundtrack effectively matches the game's tempo, creating an immersive ambiance. The shift between combat and tile exploration screens enhances engagement and rhythm. Enhancing this area could involve unique sound effects for each hero's ultimate ability and distinct victory cues against the final boss, enhancing the differentiation from regular combat.

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The gameplay itself is a treat for card collectible enthusiasts, albeit limited to PvE mode at present, with PvP on the horizon. The inclusion of special attack animations enhances combat excitement, yet further elevating the experience could involve animating heroes' ultimate abilities to directly impact enemies, distinguishing the game from similar titles.

The game presents ample potential for replayability, especially as energy replenishes, yet it might start feeling repetitive over extended play. An area warranting improvement is storytelling, a component that could immerse players deeper and transcend mere repetitive dungeon completion. Notably, N3TWORK Studios have effectively introduced a card collectible game that caters to both roguelite deckbuilder and trading card game aficionados.

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Legendary: Heroes Unchained Review

Legendary Heroes Unchained provides an engaging experience for card collectible enthusiasts, currently emphasizing PvE mode with PvP on the horizon. Special attack animations heighten combat thrill, suggesting potential for enhancing hero abilities further to distinguish the game. While offering replay potential due to energy regeneration, it could become repetitive over extended sessions, prompting a need for enriched storytelling for a more immersive player experience. Notably, N3TWORK Studios have adeptly crafted a card collectible game appealing to both roguelite deckbuilder and trading card game fans.



Pleasing graphics

Well-matched audio

Engaging game loop


Combat occasionally lacks challenge

Absence of immersive storytelling for players

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Legendary: Heroes Unchained

Legendary: Heroes Unchained is a brand new hero-collector RPG, built from the ground up for the blockchain.


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