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Legendary: Heroes Unchained lets you collect beautiful digital heroes and power them up to their maximum potential. Dominate in player-vs-player combat, join epic guild-vs-guild events and earn on-chain assets.

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Legendary: Heroes Unchained, a revolutionary hero-collector RPG purpose-built for web3 gaming. LHU empowers you to venture into treacherous dungeons, dominate in PvP battles, partake in epic Guild-vs-Guild events, and earn on-chain assets using your prized hero collection. Players will get to experience an unprecedented level of ownership and control over their hard-earned assets.


The Battle Engine of Legendary: Heroes Unchained has been developed to determine how heroes deal and take damage in a variety of battle modes. Initially, battles present as 5v5, turn-based battles in a player-vs-environment mode (PvE). In this mode, a team of up to five heroes face off against up to five enemies controlled by the computer. Heroes use attacks, skills, and ultimates to try and be the last team standing. However, this engine is intended for more than just PvE.

During the Early Access and Live Operations phases, this single Battle Engine will be used in a variety of contexts for many future uses. Battle is divided into rounds, with each hero performing an action during each round, provided they are not knocked out. At the start of each round, all heroes roll for Initiative. This will determine the action order for the round. Each hero rolls between 1 and their Dexterity stat. These Initiative values are then stack ranked, and the heroes take turns taking their actions one at a time. If a hero is knocked out before their turn, they do not take an action.

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In certain game modes, Fate's Bonus is a special feature. In these modes, after spending energy, the round will begin, and each hero will take its action. When all actions are completed, so long as the player's team has not been wiped out entirely, they will be granted a bonus from Fate. Fate's Bonus can have a variety of effects. For instance, the player may gain bonus Energy, all of their Green affinity heroes may gain some HP, or one of their heroes at random will fire a bonus Critical Strike Attack.

Hero NFTs

Legendary: Heroes Unchained boasts non-fungible token (NFT) Heroes with immutable Traits that are permanent and unalterable. Each Hero's unique Stats, Skills, and battle mechanics are determined by these Traits. As the game progresses, the Heroes' Level and Evolution Tier become permanent properties of their NFTs.

When purchasing a Hero from the Marketplace, the Hero's Level and Evolution Tier are transferred to the new owner. Heroes enter the game ecosystem through Drops and begin at Level 1 and Evolution Tier I. Through gameplay and progression, Heroes can level up, evolve, and increase in power.

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Each Hero is introduced to the ecosystem with a fixed Print Run, with the Rarity Trait dictating the number of copies available in the ecosystem. Rarer Heroes have a smaller number of copies available. To enable all players to enjoy LHU for free, a limited number of Starter Heroes that are not NFTs are available. These Heroes can be leveled and evolved but cannot be traded or owned. The Starter Heroes allow players to begin playing the game without committing to purchasing their first NFT.

How to Get Started

Legendary Heroes Unchained will be initially launched for web browsers, with plans to release iOS/Android and Mac/PC clients in the future. Founders NFT holders will have the opportunity to earn exclusive NFTs by playing the early access version of LHU in Q1 2023. In the second early access period, players will be able to earn additional NFTs and participate in new gameplay features with their Founders NFTs in Q2 2023.

About Legendary: Heroes Unchained

Legendary: Heroes Unchained

Legendary: Heroes Unchained is a brand new hero-collector RPG, built from the ground up for the blockchain.


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