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League of Kingdoms


League of Kingdoms is where players can build a powerful kingdom and army, forge alliances, compete against others, and trade digital assets across the blockchain.

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League of Kingdoms is a MMO strategy game where gamers can enjoy single player (PvE), multiplayer (PvP), or party play (MMO). With content tailored to blockchain gaming enthusiasts and mainstream gamers alike, the game offers unprecedented variety with a refined gameplay strategy. League of Kingdoms is an intuitive but sophisticated, fun but tactical, and dynamic but multi-faceted game with extensive content, modes, specifications, events, and elements to offer.

This game is played on a blockchain network and its NFT ecosystem includes various in-game assets, such as its iconic Land NFT. The Land NFTs are stored on the blockchain and represent the very ground where the League of Kingdoms world stands. The game has many gameplay modes, from multiplayer to single-player. In the future, new modes, events, quests, and campaigns will be added to the game universe.

Grow Your Kingdom


Your kingdom is your land for producing and upgrading various buildings. Constructing buildings requires time and resources, but higher levels require more investment in time and materials. Developing your kingdom mostly takes place in single-player mode, where you construct buildings, train troops, and gather resources from the fields. The overall kingdom's level is linked to their castle's level; the castles are located at the center. A kingdom occasionally includes multi-player efforts like Rallies to slay monsters not easily done solo, or quests to attain unique materials.


Research in League of Kingdoms is a way to discover new technologies, enhance existing tools, and unravel new battle tactics for your army to use during war. Battle technologies include cavalries, resource gathering, and more. Production technologies can be anything from increasing resource gathering speed and productivity to developing new uniforms.

With Research, there are three main methods depending on the outcome you desire or the field you want to strengthen your kingdom in. The three methods are:

  • Academy: You can use your resources to develop new technologies at the Academy building which is located in your kingdom. There are three main categories which include Battle, Production and Advanced Techs.
  • Alliance Technology: Being a member of an alliance is key. It's the only way to research new technology and share your resources with other members in order to develop new technologies. These technologies can help benefit your kingdom, your people, and yourself.
  • Mastery: These are advanced technologies that you can learn by earning mastery points. You can get them by leveling up your lord. They're also granted through hunting monsters and quests, completion of some achievements, and more.

Training an Army

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There are three types of troops; Infantry, Archery, and Cavalry. Each of the types has 5 tiers. Players need to make strategic investments in research and technologies depending on the resources available at their disposal to choose the troops they want to gather or fight with. Troops differ in battle prowess as well as their ability to gather resources and load them onto your base. You can be creative about how you train your troops so that you get the best possible balance for your game play.

Join an Alliance

Alliances play an important role when playing League of Kingdoms. For instance, you may need to participate in a dragon hunt or take part in a conquest of shrines/congresses. To do this, you'll need to be a member of an alliance. For those who are familiar to World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG, the need to be part of a team or a guild is necessary to embark on bigger adventures. Even in games like Clash Royale, it helps in sharing resources, assisting teammates with levelling up their characters or buildings within their kingdoms, and most importantly, taking on larger enemies with bigger rewards that you could have never taken down solely by yourself.

The alliance system plays an important role in the game and makes for more enjoyable experience. It's important to join an alliance as early as possible so you can get the most out of your alliance membership. The game has a powerful AI-driven alliance recommendation bot that helps players find the perfect alliance based on what they want to achieve. Once you have joined an alliance, there is an entire suite of features you can explore and take advantage of including but not limited to alliance gifts, shops, and buildings.

Land NFTs

League of Kingdoms is probably one of the best web3 games at leveraging their land NFTs and giving its owners almost unlimited utility and benefits. Naturally, it is where the majority of players spend time building kingdoms, farming resources, hunting monsters, competing against other kingdoms, and simply playing the strategy game. The benefits mainly include:

  • Resources: owning LOK Land gives you ownership of all the resources on that land and all the resources from other LOK Land plots in every existing continent, including future ones. A land gets 5% of all the resources that have been gathered on its properties across continents by yourself and others.
  • Constant Rewards: Land ownership will allow its owner to receive 10% of the game's revenue in stable cryptocurrencies. Since April 2022, the reward pool was shifted from DAI / BUSD to $LOKA to give more utility to the token and extend its benefits within the game following the Land 3.0 update.
  • Future Benefits: The NOD Games' team promises to continuously increase the utility of your Land with some special features like airdrops and whitelist rights, as well as community roles that give perks to Landlords through fully leveraging blockchain technologies' composability, and interoperability.


Dragos are dragon-like creatures that reside in the League of Kingdoms continents and were historically tamed by royal courts. Good friends, guardians, and companions for mankind.

The Drago NFTs can be used to unlock a variety of contents in League of Kingdoms, including the new play-and-earn game features, such as mining Dragon Soul Amber, a special gem used to forge League of Kingdoms’ in-game token — $DST.

Players will be able to bring their Drago NFTs along with their troops during the gameplay in order to enjoy play-and-earn opportunities and Dragos can give buffs to your kingdom and the troops to give an advantage in various situations.

In the coming update, Drago NFT holders will have the ability to obtain new Dragos through the breeding system. Also, the players who do not own a Drago NFT yet can still find opportunities to enjoy Drago content through the rental system.

How to Get Started

League of Kingdoms is playable directly on your PC or you can download it on your mobile devices on iOS or Android to get started.

About League of Kingdoms


NOD Games

Release Date

July 1st 2020

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League of Kingdoms

League of kingdoms is a massively multiplayer strategy game that is centered around building kingdoms and governing the world.


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