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Last Resort is a fledgling PC zombie survival game that immediately immerses players into its world without the traditional startup menus. This signals its preliminary development phase, as players are thrown directly into the game.

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Upon starting, you're assigned a random avatar and begin in a secure town. Interaction with most of the town's NPCs is limited, save for a few marked with exclamation points who provide exploration missions. At the edge of the town, you're met with crates of unlocked weapons and an ample supply of ammunition, which paradoxically dampens the survival experience since you're well-equipped to deal with the undead threats.

Missions consist of fetch quests, with waypoints leading to loot-filled crates, which include extra items labeled for crafting hinting at the future inclusion of the mechanic. As you venture out, the presence of zombies is revealed on the mini-map, diminishing any potential suspense or sense of danger, as their locations and alert statuses are indicated by red arrows.

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The combat system is straightforward, with firearms auto-targeting the nearest zombie, negating the need for precise aiming. This can lead to chaotic encounters, particularly when explosive weapons inadvertently result in self-harm. While zombies pose little risk due to the abundance of ammo, even though limiting myself to basic weaponry introduced more tension and challenge, it wasn’t enough.

Additionally, the environment allows for resource collection, such as wood from trees, which can be gathered through unconventional means like using explosives rather than an axe. Health consumables are available to counter any damage sustained, and while an experience bar exists, it currently serves no purpose beyond tallying points.

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The demo's completion takes roughly 30 minutes, with additional time for exploration. A standout feature is the ability to mint a 'survivalist' NFT on the game's website as proof of completing the demo. I had the chance to play with the developers in some multiplayer interactions which suggest potential for growth.


Yet, as it stands, Last Resort comes across as an unremarkable entry in the genre. The abundance of weapons reduces the stakes significantly, and the lack of penalties for dying, beyond losing your inventory—which becomes inconsequential after mission completion—lessens the survival element. It's a game with potential that has yet to be realized, offering a basic experience that lacks the depth and consequences typically associated with the survival genre.

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Last Resort Review

Last Resort falls short of making a notable impact in the genre. The surplus of weapons diminishes the sense of challenge, and the absence of meaningful penalties for death, aside from losing your inventory (which loses importance after mission completion), dilutes the core survival aspect. The game possesses untapped potential but currently offers a straightforward experience that lacks the depth and consequences commonly found in survival genre titles.



Engaging to play

Quests gave a reason to explore

Smooth controls and movement mechanisms


Missing control for more skilled combat

Lack of tension due to mini map

Limited gameplay currently

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Last Resort immerses players in a survival MMO, tasking them with rebuilding a monster-ravaged city and embarking on crucial missions.


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