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Kuroro Beasts: Beast Brawls is a free-to-play, browser-based game that immerses players in intense 2v2 battles between creatures. The game can be played on a variety of rigs, as it runs directly in your browser, and it offers a free pool of beasts that rotates every week, lowering the barrier to entry.


Players can choose their own beasts or use the free pool, and the Team Builder feature allows for easy team creation based on your available beasts. The Beast Builder lets you modify creatures' statistics, abilities, and move sets, including preset modes such as Offensive, Defensive, and Balanced. You can also create unique beasts by changing their stats and selecting different move sets while retaining their two elements, like light and fire.

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In Beast Brawl mode, players select their team and can see their opponent's team, which enables strategic choices to counter the opponent. The arena displays health bars, status buffs/debuffs, rank, MMR, and the opponent's ranking MMR. Players choose moves for their beasts, taking into account elemental differences to maximize damage. A game log shows moves taken and resulting damage, but it can be overwhelming due to the numerous details.

The game's animation is simple, with creatures bouncing up and down. When a player defeats one of the enemy team's beasts, it turns into a roast chicken, and the opponent switches out for a reserved beast. The winner is the player with beasts remaining after the battle. The game has a learning curve, with many move sets and strategies to master, making it engaging for those who appreciate depth in their gameplay.

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Strategic use of beasts, counters, and status effects is crucial for victory in matches. Players can also switch beasts in the arena if they find themselves at a disadvantage. At the end of a match, the winner gains MMR while the loser loses MMR, impacting their leaderboard rankings. Although players with purchased beasts may have an advantage, the Beast Builder allows modifications to beasts, which helps mitigate this advantage.


In summary, Kuroro Beasts: Beast Brawls is an engaging game with significant depth, providing an enjoyable experience for fans of the genre and keeping them hooked for a long time.

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Kuroro Beasts Review

Kuroro Beasts: Beast Brawls offers a captivating gaming experience with considerable depth, ensuring fans of the genre find it both enjoyable and consistently engaging.



Vast selection of beasts and extensive customization options

Rich strategic gameplay

Complimentary weekly beast choices for players


Steep learning curve

Less friendly for new players

Players who make purchases gain an advantage

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Kuroro Beasts is an on-chain PvP RPG game where players can explore, farm, breed, and battle with over 150 different Beasts. It is the first game of its kind, offering players a unique and exciting gaming experience as they master the elements and unleash their inner Beast.


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