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Kuroro Beasts is the first-ever on-chain PvP RPG. Unleash your inner Beast on this adventure of a lifetime. Come explore, farm, breed, battle, and master the elements as you conquer 150+ of Kuroro’s wildest Beasts.

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Beast Brawl is an exhilarating turn-based strategy game that takes place in the $MAGIC ecosystem. Its gameplay, mechanics, and graphics will remind players of the beloved classic Pokémon games, making for an immersive world of thrilling creature battles. What sets Kuroro Beasts apart is its roots in the competitive gaming world. The game was created by a trio of Pokemon VGC competitive players and coaches, including a world champion, from the ground up. This pedigree ensures a gaming experience that will satisfy even the most demanding players.


Beast Brawl challenges players to amass a diverse collection of Kuroro Beasts and lead them into battle against other players, resulting in an exhilarating experience of strategic combat. The game boasts a complete team builder and matchmaking system, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for all players.

Players must assemble a team of seven Beasts, with five participating in each match. This feature, coupled with the vast array of Beasts and moves available, adds a layer of depth and variety to each encounter. With 30 unique Beasts, each possessing two of the 12 available elements, players can expect over 200 distinctive attacks and a combination of five primary stats, including HP, ATK, SP. ATK, DEF, M.DEF, and SPEED.

The key to winning battles in Kuroro Beasts is building a formidable team. Each team consists of seven beasts, with four assigned moves for each creature. Players have two options for assembling a team: Random Teams or the Team Builder. Random Teams offer an easy and straightforward way to get started in the game. By selecting "Create a Random Team," players can begin battling right away. These teams come pre-assembled with moves and skill points distributed according to specific presets for each character.

For those seeking greater customization, the Team Builder allows players to design a custom team by selecting from a vast array of moves and distributing skill points as they see fit. However, this option may not be recommended for beginners as it requires a deeper understanding of the game's mechanics.

Kuroro Beast Brawl

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The concept of Beast Brawl, one of the games set in Kuroro Beasts' universe, can be described as a blend of Pokemon Battles and Hearthstone. This web-based PvP turn-based strategy game requires players to collect Beasts and Characters from different ecosystems, build teams, and engage in battles against other players. By doing so, players can unlock rewards from the Seasonal Battle Pass, climb up the ranks, and obtain unique collectibles that can be traded with other players.

Beast Brawl's gameplay is designed to be engaging and competitive, and its mechanics ensure that every battle is a unique and strategic experience. The collectible aspect of the game, including the ability to trade with other players, adds a layer of depth and social interaction that sets it apart from other games in the genre.

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In Kuroro village, players can embark on a variety of activities, such as exploring the marketplace, visiting Professor Otium to send their Beasts farming and learn about his latest investigations, managing their tokens at the bank, viewing their Beasts and items in their inventory, crafting new items and moves for their Beasts with the alchemist, or attempting to catch the elusive Beast Sage if they're up for the challenge. Interacting with the NPCs within the village is the key to engaging with the web3 contracts and executing transactions and actions with NFTs.

For example, Professor Otium can assist players in sending their Beasts farming, a crucial activity given the presence of a mysterious boulder blocking the road out of Kuroro Village. Each NPC provides unique opportunities and quests, and players must use their strategic skills and resources to progress through the game.

How to Get Started

At the time of writing, Kuroro Beasts is gearing up for its first playable content release for Kuroro Wilds RPG. To play Beast Brawl and Kuroro Wilds, players must be members of the game's Discord community. After completing the initial playthrough, they can access the Egg Escape Mini-Game. The Discord community offers opportunities to earn additional tickets and shells, as well as stay informed about the latest updates and events.

Joining the Beast Brawl Discord community provides players with a platform to engage with other players and exchange tips and strategies for the game. It's a valuable resource for those seeking to improve their gameplay and take advantage of all the features that Beast Brawl has to offer.

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Kuroro Beasts

Kuroro Beasts is an on-chain PvP RPG game where players can explore, farm, breed, and battle with over 150 different Beasts. It is the first game of its kind, offering players a unique and exciting gaming experience as they master the elements and unleash their inner Beast.


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