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Kryptoria stands as one of the top blockchain-based strategy game and serves as the core component of a complex commercial ecosystem that links brands, enterprises, and Web3 communities.

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Kryptoria immerses players in an incredible 3D world built in Unity, making it the leading 4X/RTS game in the blockchain-powered strategy game genre. All game assets, including Alpha Citizens, Land, and Weapons are dynamic NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

Players have the freedom to choose which faction they want to fight for, earn resources by owning land, trading, and winning battles. With the support of their Alpha Citizens, they embark on a quest for victory. Winning battles for your faction earns you extra resources and promotions through the ranks, with your in-game rank reflected in Discord as your role.

As the game develops, players can spend resources on upgrades for their Alpha Citizens. A pioneering multi-sig contract developed by Kryptoria allows players to update any of their Alpha Citizen's traits post-mint, with the changes reflected in real-time on the NFT's appearance. Limited edition trait packs and collaboration collections with other NFT projects and Web2 brands will also include new weapons. Players can use their in-game resources to purchase traits and weapons, increasing their chances of winning battles and customizing their Alpha Citizens to their liking.


In Kryptoria, player versus player battles are a significant feature of the game, allowing players to gain extra resources for future upgrades in addition to earning from land ownership. Combining Alpha Citizens, land, and weapons can help create strategies that optimize the chances of victory.

Alpha Citizens are the backbone of your army and your key to establishing your territory in Kryptoria. Land can provide valuable resources but also expose you to the risk of attack. Weapons will determine your ability to deal damage and win battles. It is important to note that only Alpha Citizens can launch attacks, and land with an assigned Alpha Citizen can only be attacked.

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All battles play out automatically once an attack is launched. Alpha Citizens attack each other simultaneously, and the player whose health bar drops to zero first loses. If both Alpha Citizens drop below zero health at the same time, the player with the least amount of minus health wins.

Defending players have an advantage as they fight on their home soil, receiving their land's base attack and defense added to their total attack and defense. Attackers do not receive this advantage as they fight away from home.

Each Alpha Citizen can only attack once per 24 hours, and each land can only be attacked once per 24 hours. Kryptoria's first iteration is not designed for players to spend hours to complete daily objectives. The cooldown timers are introduced to avoid players being unduly targeted in a short period.


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In Kryptoria, there are five different resources that players can earn. Owning Land allows players to yield resources from the tile produced each day, with the amount of yield depending on the abundance property of the Land. A table is provided below to show the details on abundance and yield. Bonuses are available to enhance the amount of resources generated from holding Land, which can be found in the bonuses section.

Each resource has different uses within the game, and it's essential to balance your strategy to ensure that you always have some of each resource on hand. Meta Spice and Bio Synth are mainly used as rations to support your army during battles. Krypto Ore and Uni Shards are widely used in Kryptorian tech and hardware and are essential for obtaining upgrades such as weapons and body armor in the future. Binary Code is often used in digital interactions across the ecosystem and in Kryptorian technology.

How to Get Started

Kryptoria can be played through a browser with your wallet connected or downloaded on Windows PCs. Whilst the browser version is safer for your average player, the PC version boasts better performance and is more responsive. To play the game you need to own one Alpha Citizen, One Weapon, and One Land. 

About Kryptoria


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Kryptoria is a leading blockchain-based strategy game and a vital part of a sophisticated commercial ecosystem connecting brands, businesses, and Web3 communities.


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