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Knights and Peasants


In Knights & Peasants, an NFT-driven strategy game set in a medieval realm, players must send knights and peasants on heroic quests to obtain potent potions and mighty weapons. By doing so, they can steadily increase their strength and take on progressively tougher challenges.

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Knights & Peasants is a strategy game set in a medieval world. As a brave player, your task is to send knights and peasants on noble quests to obtain powerful potions and mighty weapons, progressively gaining strength to face increasingly daunting challenges.

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Questing is at the heart of Knights and Peasants. Players lead their knights, armed and supported by faithful peasants, into various quests that challenge their strategy and combat skills. Success in these quests is rewarded with valuable items and experience points, which are crucial for leveling up the Knight Badge. This badge is more than a mere emblem; it's a key to unlocking a wealth of rewards that enrich the gameplay and can be traded within the game's economy, providing a potential source of income for players.

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The Knight Badge

The Knight Badge serves as a testament to a player's achievements and a gateway to greater rewards and prestige within the game. As players level up their badges, they gain access to rewards that not only bolster their knights' prowess in battle but also hold significant value in the game's marketplace. This bustling marketplace is the heart of the game's economy, a place where players engage in trade, selling and buying items earned through quests. It's a dynamic environment where commerce and community intersect, allowing players to equip their characters for future endeavors or capitalize on their progress by selling items to other players. "Knights and Peasants" thus offers a rich, interactive experience where progression, strategy, and economic savvy all play pivotal roles in the journey of every knight and peasant in the realm.

How to Get Started

To begin your quest in Knights and Peasants, you'll need two essential items:

  1. A Knight NFT: Your avatar for all quests. Obtain one from OpenSea or the native Marketplace.
  2. Badge: A one-time purchase of 10 MATIC that unlocks questing, rewards, and leaderboard naming. Secure your badge here.

Once you're equipped, dive into the quests and start your path to becoming a legend.

About Knights and Peasants

Knights and Peasants

Knights & Peasants is an NFT-based strategy game immersed in a medieval setting. As a courageous player, your objective is to dispatch knights and peasants on noble missions to acquire potent potions and formidable weapons, steadily growing in power to confront ever more formidable obstacles.