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Kaiju Cards serves as a tactical roguelite deckbuilder game within the expansive Treasure DAO gaming ecosystem. Developed by Permadeath Studios, a gaming and entertainment studio with veterans from notable entities like Adult Swim, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network, this game offers a unique blend of strategic gameplay.


In the gameplay, players assemble a team of three distinct Kaijus in a singular adventure mode. They navigate through the challenging terrain of Hooligan's Bluff, striving to conquer diverse obstacles. Currently, Kaiju Cards is accessible in a closed alpha phase, requiring entry codes from the development team. An upcoming gameplay event, featuring their Pioneer Kaiju mint, will also provide access. The game is conveniently accessible via browsers, with plans underway for mobile integration.

In terms of the game's lore, players find themselves in the enigmatic realm of Good Earth, an island inhabited by three primary species: Penguins, Warhogs, and Frogs. The website briefly summarizes the origins of these species and outlines the available classes for each.

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Upon entering the game, players unpack their initial Kaiju set, which varies depending on their held NFTs or if they are using the free-to-play version. The gameplay commences with the Hooligan's Bluff map, reminiscent of the numeral 8 and featuring diverse paths that lead to varied challenges, tailored to the player's chosen route.

During each stage, players progress by advancing one tile on the map above, encountering various scenarios such as healing their Kaijus, confronting a mysterious shed, or engaging in battles against enemy Kaijus. Throughout the gameplay, players can acquire diverse upgrades for their decks, enhancing their odds of successfully reaching the Warhog at the finale.

Each owned Kaiju contributes four cards to the player's deck, each card wielding defensive, offensive, or buff effects on the Kaijus situated on the battlefield. Moreover, different species of Kaijus possess distinct classes: Penguins can be Wizards or Rogues, Frogs can be Knights or Rogues, and Warhogs can be Knights or Wizards. This detail is vital since each card aligns with a specific class, meaning if a player has no Knights in combat but holds Knight cards, they must redraw and forfeit a turn.

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Each class holds its unique specialty: Knights excel as bruisers, Wizards manipulate cards, and Rogues are powerful yet vulnerable glass cannons. In ideal scenarios, Knights absorb damage, Rogues deal it, while Wizards amplify and mitigate damage.


Kaiju Cards brings a family-friendly atmosphere, setting it apart from many other roguelite deckbuilder games in today's gaming landscape. This aligns with the team's previous experience catering to children and young adults as their primary audience. The inclusion of a mobile integration in the game's roadmap is promising, as it seems well-suited for players of all ages on mobile devices. Permadeath has adeptly added an enjoyable twist to this game genre.

In terms of graphics, the menus are responsive, and players experience a smooth learning curve through a concise and well-summarized tutorial. Yet, combat animations are basic, which could be enhanced considering the vibrancy of the rest of the game. Adding more direct attack animations could elevate the overall experience.

Regarding sound, the game initially lacks audio until team selection and the commencement of the Good Earth adventure. Combat introduces a fitting soundtrack. While the music's volume is suitable, incorporating an adjustable volume feature would enhance player customization.

Gameplay-wise, Kaiju Cards strikes a balance between challenge and entertainment, demanding strategic prowess to conquer the final boss. The game's presentation is accessible to a wide range of players, likely resonating with the broader gaming audience. While not revolutionary, Kaiju Cards infuses the roguelite deckbuilder genre with its unique flair.

Kaiju Cards delivers an engaging spin on roguelite deckbuilders, though it may share similarities with other genre games. It has substantial replay potential, particularly among younger players, thanks to its presentation. Nevertheless, key features, such as a comprehensive tutorial for new players, are missing. Incorporating dynamic music based on in-game situations could heighten the gameplay excitement.

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Kaiju Cards Review

Kaiju Cards offers an intriguing take on roguelite deckbuilders, even though it bears resemblances to other games in the genre. With its appealing presentation, the game holds significant replay value, especially for younger players. However, it lacks essential elements like a comprehensive tutorial for newcomers. Implementing dynamic music that responds to in-game situations could elevate the overall gameplay excitement.



A family-friendly twist on the roguelite deckbuilder genre

Offers a diverse array of cards for engaging and varied gameplay

Presents challenging gameplay mechanics


Dampened excitement attributed to the sole soundtrack

Absence of audio during the initial main menu phase

Possesses resemblances to other games within the same genre

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About Kaiju Cards

Kaiju Cards

Kaiju Cards, brought to life by Permadeath Studios and backed by TreasureDAO, is a tactical roguelite deckbuilder. In the captivating realm of Good Earth, players gather Kaiju, create trios of characters, and set off on a quest to thwart the malevolent Lich Lord.