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Infinimerge is the debut release in the vast Infinigods universe, offering an immersive journey across various historical mythologies in a merge-style puzzle game. While it maintains the casual puzzle essence, Infinimerge sets itself apart with innovative elements that enhance the gameplay experience.


Fans of Candy Crush will find familiarity in Infinimerge, where the goal is to merge three similar puzzle pieces to create stronger ones and achieve higher scores. However, Infinimerge goes beyond traditional merge games, introducing multiple layers of complexity.

Before delving into puzzles, players choose captivating campaigns inspired by characters, legends, and creatures from ancient Greece, Egypt, Scandinavia, and China. Each campaign forms a historical tapestry.

With around ten distinct puzzles in each campaign, success depends on achieving specific scores and climbing the leaderboards. Completing levels with certain scores grants stars, contributing to the overall score and rewarding players with Followers—tiny characters capable of destroying pieces or creating merges. Collecting Followers allows players to assemble arks, which can be traded and used to refuel Elder Gods.

Elder Gods, special in-game NFTs, offer unique abilities like rearranging the board or puzzle queue. Once used, they enter cooldown unless recharged with a follower. Unlike typical casual merge games, Infinimerge presents diverse challenges. Some levels require quick thinking in race-against-the-clock scenarios, while others emphasize strategic planning for higher scores. Climbing the leaderboards unlocks seasonal rewards and brings bragging rights.


Infinimerge breathes new life into the casual puzzle genre, delivering an invigorating experience. Its seamless integration of storytelling, distinctive challenges, competitive leaderboards, and rewards sets it apart from other merge games. Daily play limits ensure fresh gameplay flow and prevent burnout.


While Infinimerge offers impressive depth, there is untapped potential for introducing even more unique challenges to further enhance the game's appeal. Additionally, the lack of a mobile version limits accessibility and immersion.

In conclusion, Infinimerge is a refined and captivating puzzle game that appeals to genre fans and provides a refreshing experience for newcomers. With its polished gameplay and immersive world, Infinimerge is a delightful escape for both casual and hardcore gamers alike.

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InfiniGods Review

Infinimerge impresses with its depth, but there is room to introduce more unique challenges for added appeal. The absence of a mobile version limits accessibility and immersion. In conclusion, Infinimerge is a refined and captivating puzzle game that caters to genre fans and newcomers, offering a polished gameplay experience and an immersive world.



Familiar gameplay

Limited play runs maintain freshness

Unique mechanics with followers and elder gods

Cross-cultural experience through history and mythology


Absence of mobile version

Potential for more storytelling and mythology integration

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