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InfiniGods is a blockchain gaming studio with a suite of fun, free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations.

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The InfiniGods Universe is meticulously crafted, emphasizing players' journeys throughout all upcoming game titles. The NFTs are thoughtfully designed from the outset, granting exclusive access to gameplay and characters that can be utilized as cross-game assets.

Adventurous players who embark on this journey with InfiniGods and contribute to shaping the universe are poised to accumulate value over time. Within each individual game, the scarcity of NFTs influences gameplay by enabling distinctive actions and rewards. The power to shape one's destiny lies in their hands; they must choose wisely.

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InfiniGods games draw inspiration from the mythological frameworks of ancient civilizations worldwide, offering a familiar anchor for story and world development. The initial core mythologies encompass the realms of Greek, Norse, Chinese, and Egyptian myths. As the universe progresses, the selection of mythologies is planned to expand, with the community playing a vital role in determining its future direction.

Potential InfiniGods mythologies for future development may include:

  • Native American
  • Arthurian
  • African
  • Japanese


InfiniMerge brings a fresh perspective to the merge game genre, emphasizing building, adventure, and competition. Each day, players are presented with a unique level inspired by the legends and characters of a specific mythology. These daily levels are arranged into seasons, which, when combined, retell a classic myth or narrate a new story inspired by a civilization's legends. Daily, weekly, and season-long leaderboards track and reward players' progress, and special scenarios can be enjoyed in weekly tournaments.

InfiniMerge strives to establish a fully player-owned economy. Players will control the supply of key power-ups within the game, which include:

  1. Elder Gods (super power-ups): A collection of ERC-4907 NFTs minted by InfiniGods.
  2. Followers (power-ups): Player-generated, off-chain, in-game power-ups earned through gameplay. Followers can be combined to create on-chain NFTs called Arks (ERC-1155).

Followers and Arks serve as the primary rewards in InfiniMerge. Players acquire Followers by completing daily levels and ranking high on weekly leaderboards. These Followers can be used as power-ups to execute special actions within the game, such as creating a wildcard for a merge, destroying the contents of an occupied hex, or refreshing an Elder God's power.

Players can also accumulate Followers and bundle them to create an Ark, which is an ERC-1155 NFT that functions as a tradable 'Follower Pack.' These packs can be purchased by other players on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. To create an Ark, players must collect a minimum of 20 followers from the same civilization.

Elder Gods, also known as Immortals, possess unique in-game powers that can be activated a certain number of times per game. Players may spend Followers to refresh their Elder Gods' powers, enabling more frequent use. In InfiniMerge, Elder Gods provide a range of abilities, such as shuffling all pieces on the board, destroying all copies of a selected piece, upgrading a designated piece, adding extra turns or time on limited levels, or creating three copies of a selected queue piece for easy merging.

Future Games

InfiniMerge is only the first game within the Infinigods ecosystem. The game development studio already announced their plans on a lineup of games, covering an array of genres for all web3 gamers to enjoy. The below are two of the revealed games, with supposedly more in the pipeline:

  • InfiniTowers: The InfiniGods game development studio is working on an innovative tower defense game called InfiniTowers. In this captivating game, players will traverse various islands, collecting resources to restore ancient monuments. Simultaneously, they must defend themselves against relentless waves of monstrous adversaries.
  • InfiniRealms: Drawing inspiration from renowned strategy games enjoyed by hundreds of millions of players on both PC and mobile platforms, InfiniRealms offers a fresh perspective on the city-building genre. This game follows the legacy of iconic titles such as Civilization, Clash of Clans, Pharaoh, and Age of Empires. In InfiniRealms, players can accumulate Followers, Gods, and other characters by participating in both the grand strategy game and its preceding games. The integration of these elements within the InfiniGods ecosystem provides an immersive and dynamic gaming experience for players.

InfiniPass NFTs


The InfiniPass grants lifetime access to early gameplay content, bonus play periods, exclusive NFT drops, and powerful in-game boosts. The IGU offers two types of passes: the Community Pass and the Ultimate Pass, designed to cater to different player types, including beta testers, early adopters, loyal holders, and active participants.

The Community Pass is tailored for a wider audience of gamers and offers foundational access to all games, NFTs, and experiences within the InfiniGods Universe. With a maximum total supply of 4,000, including 200 reserved for in-game rewards. The Ultimate Pass, on the other hand, is designed for players seeking a deeper exploration of the InfiniGods Universe and the opportunity to help shape its development. With only 260 passes available, the Ultimate Pass includes all the benefits of the Community Pass on top of the following perks:

  • Airdropped NFTs for every InfiniGods release in perpetuity, including (5) Elder Gods
  • Enhanced gameplay boosts and power-ups
  • Access to the 'Roundtable,' a private Discord channel for Web3 gaming enthusiasts
  • Private access to the game development team
  • Special NFT drops (at least 1 per collection release)
  • Exclusive InfiniGods merchandise and VIP real-life experiences

How to Get Started

To begin your InfiniMerge adventure, simply follow these easy steps: First, create an account through their website using your email address and a secure password. Next, connect a compatible wallet to your account, ensuring a seamless integration with the game's economy. With your account set up, you can start playing InfiniMerge directly in your browser, without the need for additional downloads or installations. The best part is that your InfiniMerge account also grants you access to other games within the InfiniGods ecosystem, allowing you to enjoy a variety of gaming experiences using the same login credentials.

About InfiniGods


InfiniGods is a team of Gaming veterans with a passion for Blockchain technologies. We believe Blockchain can fundamentally make Gaming a more fun experience through Interoperability.