Illuvium Zero Guide: Everything You Need to Know

A comprehensive guide on How to Play Illuvium Zero with everything you need to know before building out your empire.

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Illuvium Zero is a city builder game played on both mobile and PC. In this game you will build up your land, mine for resources, scan your plot for blueprints and so much more. Illuvium's mobile adaptation went into Private Alpha on January 6th for land owners to enjoy what it feels like to build an empire. In this beginners guide, we will go over how to set up your land and what resources you will be mining for. In the world of Illuvium every action has a cost. Built on the blockchain, this new play and own concept is just getting started. Illuvium Zero will play an integral role in the economy of Illuvium.

Illuvium Zero can be broken down into two resources Elements and Fuel. When building out your land plot you are doing so to efficiently gather elements, which power the extraction mechanisms to produce fuel. Each plot of land is unique and contains it’s own set of resources to extract. Land is tiered between 1 and 5 with 1 being the most common, least productive plot and 5 being the most scarce. There will be five Tier 5 plots of land sold at a later date.


The elements you will gather are Carbon, Hydrogen and Silicon. Each of these elements are needed to complete certain tasks in Illuvium Zero. For instance, currently you can use 120,000 Carbon to produce 1 Solon fuel cell. To put it simply, all elements are necessary to progress in different aspects of the game. Moreover, to produce each type of fuel, you will need each element.

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Fuel Types

The fuel types you will produce are Crypton, Hyperion and Solon. These fuels are necessary to play in the Illuvium Overworld. Crypton is used for traveling to different regions. Hyperion is used for capturing Illuvials. Solon is used for crafting and upgrading weapons and armor.

Buildings and Deposits

In order to extract these resources you must build out your land. Here are the buildings you will need to construct to get started, as well as, natural deposits that form on the land plots.

  • Nexus: This is the first building you construct. It is the nerve center of your industrial complex.
  • Engineering Workshop: This workshop is built next and will give you the infrastructure to build many other basic structures.
  • Outcrop: This is a natural deposit found on land plots that produces Carbon.
  • Lake: This is a natural body of water found on land plots that produces Hydrogen.
  • Crystal Deposit: This is a natural deposit found on land plots that produces Silicon.
  • Sediment Excavator: With a working Engineering Workshop you can now build this structure to excavate Carbon from Outcrops.
  • Mine: This structure will be used to mine crystals to smelt into Silicon.
  • Hydrogen Pump: This pump will extract Hydrogen from Lakes.

Once you have each of these structures up and running you will begin to accumulate elements. These elements can be stored in Matter Silos and later turned into the different fuel types.

  • Crypton Rift: This is a naturally occurring rift that can produce Crypton.
  • Hyperion Reservoir: This is a naturally occurring reservoir that can produce Hyperion.
  • Solon Trench: This is a naturally occurring trench that can produce Solon.

It’s important to note that not every land plot will be able to produce all three elements or fuel types. They don’t all have each of the naturally occurring deposits and there is no way to add them. However, you can build a Fuel Converter to help even out your supplies.

If you are lucky enough to have these naturally formed fuel sources then the next step is to build structures for extraction.

  • Crypton Gate: This structure will extract Crypton.
  • Hyperion Extractor: This structure will extract Hyperion.
  • Solon Dredge: This structure will extract Solon.

Like elements, your fuel types will also have storage areas called Containment Units. In addition to that, it’s worth noting that each structure can have improved efficiency by building a Power Station nearby.


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The last and quite possibly most exciting part about Illuvium Zero is blueprints. These are research items that can be converted into actual in-game skins for weapons, armor, etc in the form of NFTs. When found, they can be bought and sold on the blockchain. In order to find these potentially lucrative blueprints you need to first scan for Illuvial biodata using a Singularity Scanner.

Once found the biodata will be sent to the Materials Lab to be further researched or put into storage at the Data Bank. Any successful blueprints found can also be put in the Data Bank. It may take many instances of Illuvial biodata to receive one blueprint and more often than not a scan of your plot will not result in finding Illuvial biodata. As a result, these blueprints may be very scarce.

If you are lucky enough to find Illuvial biodata you can show it off on your Holographic Statue. Furthermore, if it is converted into a Blueprint you can sell it in the Marketplace.

Optimizing your Land

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Each plot of land is unique and as such each must be optimized in different ways. When starting your build, it is important to pay attention to the resources and element types that you have. Make note of this information. From there you will be able to create a strategy to convert elements. You can easily find yourself with an abundance of one type of element and a lack of another type.

This can stall progress so catching this early will make a huge difference in your overall efficiency. A good balance of Carbon, Hydrogen and Silicon is the key to steady gameplay. These can then be further optimized with Power Stations.

This is all the information you will need to get started on your Illuvium Land plot. Blockchain technology is opening new doors in gaming and Illuvium Zero is one example of the possibilities that can come from this cutting edge technology.

Make sure to check out Rhamphy for more Illuvium content, detailed guides, and tune in to Illuvium Rundown to know all what is happening in the Illuvium world.

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