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Dive into Honeyland, a strategy and resource management game built on the Solana blockchain. Begin your journey with a Gen Z Queen and her initial swarm of bees, as you traverse multiple universes. Engage in a variety of activities such as harvesting honey, breeding new bees, and competing in player-vs-player battles.

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Honeyland is a free-to-play mobile and desktop game where players manage a colony of bees exploring various universes in search of a new home. The game combines elements of strategy, resource management, and community interaction, allowing players to experience both cooperative and competitive gameplay. Players start with a Gen Z Queen and a set of Gen Z Bees, and through various activities, they can grow their colonies, enhance their bees, and interact with other players.

Gameplay and Features

Harvesting is a fundamental activity in Honeyland where players send their bees to specific lands to collect Honey, the game's primary currency. Honey is versatile, serving various purposes:

  • Purchasing Assets: Buy bees, land, and other game items.
  • Playing Games: Enter into mini-games or special events.
  • Joining Events: Participate in time-limited challenges that offer special rewards.
  • Conversion and Trading: Convert Honey into other forms of in-game value like tokens.

Players choose from a variety of lands, each with specific characteristics that can affect the amount of Honey harvested. 


In hunting missions, bees are dispatched to find Honeypots, which are crucial for advancing in the game. Honeypots contain shards that players redeem to acquire game-enhancing items such as:

  • Bee Upgrades: Improve your bees' stats for harvesting, hunting, and PvP.
  • New Bee Hatching: Use shards to hatch new bees with potentially stronger attributes.
  • Mission Boosts: Enhance your bees' effectiveness in various missions.

The success of hunting missions depends on the bee's stats and the chosen land's characteristics.


Breeding allows players to expand their hive by creating new bees. The process involves:

  • Selecting Parent Bees: Choose from your collection based on desirable traits and stats.
  • Genetics: Offspring may inherit or mutate traits, resulting in unique combinations that can be more effective in the game.
  • Selling or Using Offspring: Use newly bred bees to enhance your gameplay or sell them in the marketplace for Honey.

Land Management

Owning land in Honeyland offers significant financial benefits:

  • Earn Commissions: Collect fees from other players who use your land for harvesting or hunting.
  • Weekly Shard Drops: Receive shards that can be used within the game for various enhancements.
  • Strategic Development: Choose how to develop and enhance your lands to attract more users and increase your earnings.

Player vs Player (PvP)

PvP missions involve high-risk, high-reward gameplay where players raid each other’s hives:

  • Steal Honey: Successful raids result in stealing Honey from the opponent.
  • Defensive Strategies: Players must also defend their own hives from raids, using bees with strong defensive stats.
  • Tactical Decisions: Choosing the right bees and strategies for both attack and defense is key to succeeding in PvP encounters.

The Game Mall

The Game Mall is a dynamic feature where players can engage in additional games using their resources:

  • Mini-Games: Participate in themed games that require Honey or other in-game items to play.
  • New Challenges: Regular updates introduce fresh games with unique rewards.
  • Resource Utilization: Use accumulated Honey, Zzubs, and other items to play games, offering a fun break from the main gameplay.

NFTs and Blockchain

Honeyland utilizes two main currencies: Honey (HXD) and Zzubs. Honey, the primary currency is earned through activities such as harvesting and is used for transactions including breeding, upgrades, and marketplace exchanges. Zzubs, the supplementary currency is obtained from social interactions and hunting, and are useful for accessing additional gameplay features and personalizing player hives. Both currencies can be purchased and supplemented through secondary markets.

Built on the Solana blockchain, Honeyland already has an NFT collection called Honeyland Genesis. The utilities of these NFTs aren't fully confirmed yet, but they are linked to the ongoing HXD airdrop campaign.

How to Get Started

  1. Download and Launch: Install Honeyland from your device's app store. Start the game to go through a tutorial that introduces the basics.
  2. Starter Hive: You'll start with a hive that includes a Gen Z Queen and a few Gen Z Bees, setting you up for your first steps in the game.
  3. Welcome Pass: Follow the initial missions provided by the Welcome Pass to learn important activities like harvesting honey and breeding bees. Completing these missions gives you valuable items that help in the game.
  4. Expand and Upgrade: Use your resources to expand your hive by breeding new bees and upgrading existing ones to improve their performance in various tasks.

About Honeyland


Hexagon Studios Inc

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Honeyland is a strategy-based game built on the Solana blockchain, where players manage a colony of bees, exploring diverse universes to harvest resources, breed new bees, and engage in community-driven missions.


Hexagon Studios Inc