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Hash Rush, an exciting MMO-RTS situated in the captivating Hermian Galaxy. In the aftermath of the Crystal Storm, players must strategize and build their way to success, engaging in thrilling battles and trading ventures. Embark on a journey to grow your mining colony and overcome formidable monsters, as victory awaits those who can conquer this unique galactic realm.

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Hash Rush is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy Game (MMO-RTS) set in the fictional Hermian Galaxy. The game revolves around the aftermath of a galactic catastrophe known as the Crystal Storm, where players build, fight, and trade their way to victory while growing their mining colony and battling monsters.


Hash Rush offers a unique blend of real-time strategy and play-to-earn mechanics. The game is split into three core game modes: standard, dungeon, and boss assault. Each mode presents a unique gameplay experience, with the standard mode being a typical RTS experience where players train workers, gather resources, build a base, train combat units, defend against enemy attacks, and destroy all enemy bases.

Game Modes

  1. Standard Mode: In this mode, players gather resources, construct buildings, and train an army to defeat the Crystal Scourge. Special crafting resources can be gathered and used outside of the main game mode to craft heroes, equipment, and boosts, all of which are tokenized and tradeable via the Vorto Network.
  2. Dungeon Mode: This mode gives the player a strategic challenge without requiring the player to construct and maintain a base. Players buy units (heroes and standard) with a fixed amount of points and then have to complete the dungeon with those units.
  3. Boss Assault Mode: This is a defensive mission. Players select up to three heroes and are put in control of a pre-made base. They are given a fixed amount of time during which they will need to train more units and prepare the base's defense. Once the timer runs out, the enemy will launch attacks. If the player defeats the boss, they win the match.

Heroes and Crafting System

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Heroes are the most powerful units in Hash Rush and represent special characters from the game's lore. These are the units that players strive to collect and enhance by leveling them up, improving their abilities, and giving them the best equipment. Heroes can be acquired via crafting, direct purchase, in-game summoning, or purchase/trade from other players.

How to Get Started

  1. Choose your Game Mode: Decide whether you want to play in standard, dungeon, or boss assault mode.
  2. Recruit Workers: In standard mode, recruit workers to gather resources and construct buildings.
  3. Train an Army: Train your army to defeat the Crystal Scourge.
  4. Craft Heroes: Use special crafting resources to craft heroes, equipment, and boosts.
  5. Level Up Heroes: Enhance your heroes by leveling them up and improving their abilities.
  6. Equip Heroes: Give your heroes the best equipment to increase their power.

About Hash Rush


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Hash Rush

Hash Rush is an MMO-RTS set in the imaginative Hermian Galaxy. The game unfolds after the Crystal Storm, a catastrophic event, and players must construct, battle, and trade to triumph. As they expand their mining colony and confront monstrous adversaries, they'll strive for victory in this epic virtual world.


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