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Golden Tides


Golden Tides is an online MOBA game that offers players an immersive experience in a fantasy pirate world. With a choice of twelve unique pirates, each equipped with distinct abilities, players can collaborate with friends to engage in battles against rival crews and enigmatic sea creatures.

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Set sail on an epic adventure with Golden Tides, an online MOBA title that immerses you in the perilous and exhilarating world of fantasy piracy. Choose from twelve distinct pirates, each boasting unique abilities, and join forces with friends to battle other crews and the enigmatic creatures lurking in the depths.


In Golden Tides, players begin their adventure by selecting a character and joining free-play servers, where they can start amassing a wealth of rewards. These rewards range from practical in-game items and special heroes to crypto loot. For those seeking greater risks and rewards, purchasing ship NFTs grants access to PREMIUM servers, where the stakes are higher, and treasures are both larger and more frequent.

As players progress, forming a crew becomes essential. Crewmates must collaborate, strategizing their way through perilous waters. They'll encounter formidable NPCs on both land and sea and engage in intense PVP combat with other players. Survival isn't guaranteed in Golden Tides; defeat can mean losing items and NFTs from one's inventory. However, victory brings spoils that are fairly divided among the crew, ensuring that each member gets their share of the treasure, contributing to a fair and exhilarating gaming experience.

Players will engage in a variety of quests that can lead to hidden treasures, map pieces, or unforeseen dangers. These quests span across multiple activities, including NPC interactions, scavenger hunts, track & chase sequences, boat racing, events, battle defense, survival challenges, and intricate puzzles. Each quest is an opportunity to delve deeper into the lore of Golden Tides, uncovering the secrets of the Archipelago and forging one's legend amidst its turbulent waters.

Character Profiles

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  • Harrison Harbinger, The Banished Pirate: Once an admiral, now a pirate haunted by his past, Harrison Harbinger seeks redemption by battling the monsters that plague the seas.
  • Captain Ashar Sharp, SHARKY BOY: A Shark Beast known for his intellectual prowess and strategic mind, Captain Ashar Sharp is a feared pirate driven by an insatiable quest for territory.
  • Helios, The Ice Oracle: Formerly Henrick, now an undead oracle, Helios is a product of the Titan of Death's cruel humor, striving to reclaim his humanity in a land desolated by his creator's pranks.
  • S.H.U.D., "Suddenly He Understood Death": Once a mindless servant of the Titan of the Deep, S.H.U.D. gained empathy and humanity after being captured by wizards, transforming into a force of inherent goodness.
  • Blackjack: The world's most expensive mercenary, Blackjack is a shadowy figure whose true identity remains a mystery, yet her skills are sought after for the most perilous and clandestine tasks.
  • Aldo Oakfall, Defense Minister: Transformed by tragedy, the once jovial dwarf Aldo Oakfall now stands as a symbol of resilience and duty, his every feature a testament to his commitment to protecting his people.
  • Dead-Eye, Soul Sniper: A legendary Cat-Beast sniper, Dead-Eye's soul was consumed by the Minions of the Deep. Now part of the Titan's strength, he represents the chaos that threatens the Golden Tides.

How to Get Started

Golden Tides is offering a unique chance for players to engage in the game's testing phase, with a special incentive: participants can claim ownership of a rare and exclusive NFT from the Gen1 collection.Β The playtest period is set to run until mid-December, providing ample time for players to explore the game's features and mechanics. Following this phase, the official version of Golden Tides is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2024, promising a full-scale launch.

Players interested in taking part in the playtesting can do so by joining the Golden Tides Discord channel.

About Golden Tides


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Golden Tides

Embark on a grand adventure with Golden Tides, an online MOBA game that transports players to a world of fantasy piracy filled with danger and excitement. Select from twelve different pirates, each with their own special abilities, and team up with friends to face off against other crews and mysterious creatures beneath the waves.


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