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In the enchanting world of Gensokishi, players embark on an adventure through diverse landscapes and encounter a variety of enemies. The game's setting combines familiar elements with fantastical features, showcasing beautiful forests, mountains, and dungeons that house a wide array of creatures. The first encounter with a dragon is awe-inspiring, with its stunning and intimidating design setting the tone for the challenges ahead.


Gensokishi features a wide variety of enemies, each with their own unique characteristics and behaviors. From the lumbering Moglume in the training area to the swift and deadly Winged Brassers, as well as cute slime mobs that can deal significant damage if not approached carefully. Each encounter demands a different strategy and effective use of abilities, culminating in the powerful fire ability to finish off foes. The game's animations, especially those of the characters and enemies, are commendable. However, there are some instances where battle animations could be improved. For example, during a battle with the Moglume, the damage numbers appear a few seconds after the attack animation, which can be disorienting.

The game's expansive world revolves around a town that serves as a hub for players' adventures. Here, you can replenish supplies, purchase mana potions, and restore health and mana at the fountain. The town provides a safe haven where you can prepare before venturing into the dangerous wilderness and confronting numerous foes.

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However, Gensokishi is not without its flaws. While the battle animations are generally well-done, there are moments of lag that can create confusion during combat. Another issue is glitchy swings during regular battles, making it hard to determine if damage has been inflicted until the numbers appear.

The combat system in Gensokishi is somewhat engaging, featuring auto-attacks that deal decent damage. However, the true power lies in your abilities, with the flame blade ability standing out as the most potent, inflicting significant fire damage. Unfortunately, the game lacks a dodge mechanic, leading to moments of unfairness when you're unable to avoid enemy attacks. The combat system also lacks strategic depth, often reducing battles to spamming abilities until the enemy is defeated. This may be due to the player's basic attack not being strong enough, detracting from the overall experience. Furthermore, the inability to evade attacks, even while running away, can be frustrating and result in unnecessary deaths.

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In conclusion, Gensokishi offers an immersive world filled with diverse enemies and captivating locations. The game's animation and design are praiseworthy, although improvements are needed, particularly in the combat system. Despite these shortcomings, Gensokishi provides an enjoyable experience for those willing to overlook its flaws. The game is addictive and fun to play, but it feels like a simplified version of what an RPG could be. It's important to note that the game is still in early beta, leaving room for growth and enhancement. Exciting possibilities lie ahead, and Gensokishi holds promise for a more in-depth experience upon its final release.

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GensoKishi Online Review

Gensokishi offers an immersive world with captivating locations and diverse enemies. While the game's animation and design are impressive, improvements are needed, especially in the combat system. Despite its flaws, Gensokishi provides an enjoyable experience for players. As an early beta version, the game has potential for growth and promises a more immersive experience in its final release.



Abundant quests keep players engaged in continuous battles

Wide variety of enemies adds excitement and leaves players wanting more

Beautiful costume and enemy designs enhance immersion

Compelling prologue and storyline capture early interest and prevent skipping


Battle animations are subpar

Dungeons lack atmosphere and feel lifeless compared to the outside world

Difficulty disengaging from enemies when running away

Lack of an evade or dodge mechanic in combat

Limited choices in abilities, lacking depth for an RPG experience

English localization inconsistency

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