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GensoKishi Online offers an adventurous MMORPG experience for web3 gamers in a well-established and vibrant universe filled with memorable characters and great quests to complete.

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GensoKishi Online is a 3D MMORPG adapted from the PlayStation/Nintendo Switch game "Elemental Knights," a well-acclaimed title that received the 2012 Game of the Year (Gold) in Taiwan, boasting a record total of 8 million downloads worldwide. GensoKishi is an enjoyable open-world game that connects millions of players globally to host epic battles and tournaments.

GensoKishi Online is an excellent entry point into MMORPGs for new players and offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the genre. As long as one has internet access and a laptop or PC, they can join the game. Battle monsters and unleash powerful skills across various classes, and interact with a vast world filled with NPCs, quests, towns, monsters, and other players.

Game Modes

In GensoKishi Online, there are four basic classes: Fighter, Wizard, Thief, and Cleric. Each one has its own unique abilities and playstyle. Additionally, players can change their classes as they progress through the adventure, with each basic class offering different class change options. Choose your class wisely. GensoKishi Online provides a variety of quests for players to take on while advancing their character levels. Players can also team up with others to form a party and tackle challenging tasks together.

GensoKishi Online has two types of gear that players can equip: "Cosplay Gear" and "Gear." Cosplay Gears are rare NFT items mainly obtained outside of the game, boasting unique appearances and high parameters. Some Cosplay Gears even come with powerful skills exclusive to the Cosplay Gear. Players can register up to 10 combination sets of their favorite Cosplay Gear and switch their character's Cosplay Gear combination at any time.

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On the other hand, Gears can primarily be obtained within the game from shops or monsters. While Gears have simpler appearances compared to Cosplay Gears, they possess unique abilities, and some of the rarer Gears have powerful parameters. Gears form the foundation of a player's character's strength, so it's recommended to save up mROND to buy various Gears from shops or defeat monsters for item drops.

LAND NFTs and User Generated Content

GensoKishi Online is a new metaverse space that incorporates blockchain technology into MMORPGs. Players can benefit from and experience a unique game using NFTs, such as LAND and Limited Cosplay Gears.

The world of the GENSO Metaverse is constructed with LAND, the basic component for real estate in the Metaverse. LAND can be owned by various companies or individuals, creating distinctive virtual spaces styled by their owners. By purchasing land, LAND owners can freely redesign the objects on the map, set their own NFTs as rare drop items for the monsters that appear there, and then release it to other players. LAND owners can also set up an entrance fee for the map and earn rights revenue from the map.

The "User Generated Content" feature (aka UGC) will allow various industries, such as brands, games, and anime, to participate in a "business to business to consumer" manner in the GENSO Metaverse. We plan to offer a variety of tools and features for both individuals and businesses, which include creating original Cosplay Gears, producing original NFT items, staging the sales of the original items, freely designing and editing building structures, objects, natural environments, AI characters, and monsters within the LAND owned by the individual or business.

How to Get Started

Access the GensoKishi Online official website and select “START” in the upper left of the screen to launch the game. Register an account and create your character there. You will be ready for your adventure to the GENSO world!

About GensoKishi Online


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GensoKishi Online

GameFi version of the game Elemental Knights Online, with a 13 year-old history. It's time for the new Metaverse.


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