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Dive into the world of Gas Hero, a groundbreaking game by Find Satoshi Lab set in a post-apocalyptic landscape. This multiplayer experience combines intense strategic battles with the innovative aspects of web3 technology. Players engage in rebuilding civilization, participate in decentralized trading, and influence game development, making Gas Hero a fusion of gaming excitement and community-driven evolution.

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Gas Hero, a multiplayer game developed by Find Satoshi Lab (Creator of web3 game StepN), is set in a post-apocalyptic world where humanity grapples with the aftermath of a catastrophe. This game, native to web3, integrates decentralized aspects, community collaboration, and real social experiences into its gameplay. It emphasizes rich strategies and leverages decentralized trading platforms for transparent on-chain data.

Game Mechanics and Features

In Gas Hero, players enter a strategic battlefield with an automatic combat system. The game revolves around creating a lineup of six unique heroes, each with their own set of skills and attributes, essential for crafting a winning strategy. The innovative 'Action' and 'Rage' bars for each hero are key to this strategy, influencing attack timings and skill activations based on hero actions and damage taken, adding depth to the gameplay.

The heroes are defined by primary attributes like Attack, Defence, HP, MP, and Speed, which play a crucial role in the game's skill system. These skills, ranging from damage enhancement to defensive boosts, may use MP, requiring careful management during combat. This system is vital for determining heroes' roles in battle, be it offensive, defensive, or supportive.

Enhancing the gameplay is the Hero Equipment system, where heroes can be equipped with a variety of weapons and pets, each contributing unique attributes and functions. This allows for extensive customization of heroes to fit specific combat roles or to align with the player's overall strategy. The choice of equipment significantly affects a hero's performance in battle. A more detailed explanation about Gas Hero troops and game mechanics can be found on their whitepaper

A unique feature of Gas Hero is the element of Nuclear Radiation, which introduces a strategic risk factor. Heroes' survival and effectiveness in battle are influenced by their exposure to radiation, varying with their rarity. This aspect not only aligns with the game's post-apocalyptic theme but also serves as a balancing mechanism, encouraging players to continuously evolve their strategies.

How to Get Started

  1. Register Your Account: Sign up on the Gas Hero game website using your email address and verify with a One Time Password. Note that some email types might not be accepted.
  2.  Wallet Setup: Create an FSL wallet upon registration. For MOOAR Marketplace access, import this wallet into MetaMask or Phantom

Starting Your Journey

  • Once you get signed in,  you will get 4 free heroes equipped with a weapon and a pet to help you through the initial AI tutorial. Remember, these heroes have a limited lifespan.
  • Locate an empty base and use a Base Construction Vehicle (BCV) from the MOOAR Marketplace to build it. You can relocate later if needed.
  • Strategically line up your heroes for adventures, keeping in mind the limitation of one codename per lineup.
  • From this point on players can decide if they wish to further improve their units by several means such as by breeding using GMT or purchasing items on the Auction house. 

Recent Developments

A new feature called the “Super Useful Egg” has been introduced in the. Available from April 18th, this feature allows players to potentially breed a special egg instead of a normal hero. The chances of obtaining this egg decrease as more are bred, with a cap set at 2,000 eggs. Important restrictions include the ineligibility of Genesis Heroes and heroes that have already started their lifecycle for breeding. Only common heroes can participate. The specific utility of the Super Useful Egg has not yet been disclosed, adding a layer of intrigue to the game. 

About Gas Hero


Find Satoshi Lab

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Gas Hero

Gas Hero is an innovative multiplayer game set in a post-apocalyptic world, blending strategic gameplay with web3 elements. Developed by Find Satoshi Lab, it offers a unique mix of combat, community governance, and NFT trading.


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