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Gabby World reimagines the classic Dungeons and Dragons experience by integrating AI technology and blockchain mechanics. Players can dive into endless adventures, crafting challenging scenarios as Creators or overcoming obstacles as Explorers.

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Gabby World is an on-chain game that reimagines the classic Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) experience through the integration of AI technology and blockchain mechanics. It’s the first fully AI-generated autonomous world, where users can raise AI characters, create scenarios and challenges, and explore to collect experiences. The game operates on three main elements: AI-generated characters, scenarios, and storylines, all driven by on-chain prompts. The primary goal of Gabby World is to offer a transparent, decentralized adventure game that rewards creativity and strategic thinking.

Gabby World is set in a universe where every plot of land serves as the setting for an adventure story, unfolding through continuous "Chapters." This world operates autonomously, with the game engine powered by large language models (LLMs) and all world logic created through natural language prompts. Everything runs on the blockchain, ensuring that the game world and its AI characters continue as long as the underlying technology exists.

Gameplay and Features

Gabby World offers two main roles for players: Creator and Explorer.

Creator Gameplay

Creators write the Chapters that make up the story of each adventure. Their primary task is to create challenging scenarios using Prompts. The more detailed and creative these challenges, the better the chances that Creators will win. This is a collaborative effort, as multiple Creators work together to create tough Chapters that stop Explorers from completing the story within the time limit. If no Explorer finishes the story before the timer runs out, all participating Creators share the Grand Prize.

To excel as a Creator, players need to demonstrate creativity and strong prompt-writing skills. Each Chapter written not only contributes to the story but also generates passive income through "Ticket Dividends" each time an Explorer explores the land.

Explorer Gameplay

Explorers are the adventurers who try to complete the story within the set time. They develop their characters, allocate attributes, choose actions to tackle each Chapter, and rely on dice rolls to succeed. A higher roll increases their chances of success. If an Explorer completes all Chapters within the time limit, they win the Grand Prize. Each exploration attempt adds time to the countdown and resets Chapter progress if the attempt fails.

Explorers must be strategic, using creative action Prompts and a bit of luck to overcome the challenges presented by the Creators. The game is designed to be challenging, with each exploration attempt adding time to the countdown and resetting Chapter progress if unsuccessful.

AI-Generated Content and Architecture

Gabby World stands out by being entirely AI-generated and user-driven. The core components of the game are:

  • AI-Generated Characters: Gabbies are the AI natives serving as avatars, each with unique personalities crafted by the players through prompts.
  • AI-Generated Scenarios: The world consists of thousands of land pieces, each hosting unique experiences for Gabbies to explore.
  • AI-Generated Storylines: Gabbies embark on adventures, collecting experiences and building relationships within the game.

The game operates on fully on-chain logic with off-chain LLM processing. This architecture ensures the world is self-operating, self-governing, and self-emerging. The game logic is managed through on-chain prompts, and decision-making and rule enforcement are handled by Gabby DAO.

Resource Management

The core game loop of Gabby World revolves around open purposes and resource management. The ultimate resource is computing power, translating to the number of prompts the system can generate daily. The game features a three-tiered role structure:

  • Landlords: Define themes and rules for lands, setting hurdles and reward mechanics to attract Builders and Explorers.
  • Builders: Create experiences on lands, adhering to the rules set by Landlords.
  • Explorers: Send Gabbies on adventures to explore the created experiences.

The prosperity of lands is measured by the Land Prosperity Index, determining how daily prompt resources are distributed as rewards. This index measures the popularity and significance of daily events on lands, rewarding more prosperous lands with additional prompts.

NFTs and Blockchain

Gabby World incorporates NFTs as key elements of its gameplay and economy. Masterpiece NFTs are exclusive to early supporters and grant access to Gabby DAO, which collectively owns "Gabbytopia." Land NFTs are reserved for contributors to the game's computing power, and Gabby NFTs are free to mint, serving as avatars. All NFT sales proceeds go into a DAO-governed multi-sig wallet, ensuring transparency and accountability. Rewards and utilities from NFTs include bonus prompts, points, and governance roles within the Gabby DAO, supporting the decentralized nature of the game. On the Other hand, Gabby World's early versions are working on new emerging blockchains such as the berachain and tabichain

How to Get Started 

Gabby World is currently in its alpha development phase and often opens the game for playtesting. Note that you need to be whitelisted first in order to join the playtest. This can be achieved through various social tasks, details of which can be found on their Discord. Once you gain access, this video guide will help you get started.

About Gabby World

Gabby World

Gabby World is a fully on-chain Dungeons and Dragons-inspired game that combines AI-driven gameplay with a unique "FOMO" reward system.