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Step into the dark and challenging world of Fortitude, a real-time strategy game within Gala Games. Here, you'll build and defend your village while forging alliances with other clans. With its unique blend of base-building and tower defense, Fortitude offers a thrilling and immersive experience for strategy game fans. Get ready to plan, protect, and dominate in this epic medieval adventure.

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Fortitude is a real-time strategy game developed by Gala Games. Set in a dark and gritty medieval fantasy world, players are tasked with building, defending, and expanding their villages while fending off enemy attacks. The game incorporates elements of base-building and tower defense, making it a unique blend of strategic gameplay. Fortitude emphasizes clan-based interactions, where cooperation and competition among players play a significant role in the game's dynamics.

The world of Fortitude is a harsh and unforgiving place. In this medieval fantasy setting, players find themselves in a land where survival depends on strength, strategy, and alliances. The lore of Fortitude revolves around the struggle for dominance among various clans. These clans, each with their own unique strengths and characteristics, vie for control over valuable resources and strategic locations.

Gameplay and Features

At its core, Fortitude is about building and managing a village. Players must gather resources such as wood, stone, and gold to construct buildings and fortifications. The layout and development of the village are crucial for both defense and resource production. Key buildings include barracks for training troops, resource collection points, and defensive structures like walls and towers.

Defense is a major aspect of Fortitude. Players must strategically place their defenses to protect their village from enemy raids. This includes constructing walls, towers, and other fortifications to create choke points and safeguard critical areas. Successful defense requires careful planning and adaptation to different types of attacks.

Fortitude places a strong emphasis on clan-based gameplay. Players can join or create clans, which allows them to collaborate with other players. Clans can work together to defend each other's villages, share resources, and plan joint attacks on rival clans. The clan system fosters a sense of community and teamwork, which is essential for success in the game.

Combat and Raids

Combat in Fortitude is dynamic and strategic. Players can train various types of units, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Attacking other villages requires careful planning and execution, as players must consider the enemy's defenses and their own troop composition. Successful raids yield valuable resources and contribute to the player's overall standing in the game.

Fortitude regularly features events and challenges that provide additional objectives and rewards. These events can range from limited-time challenges to large-scale clan wars. Participating in events is a great way for players to earn extra resources, unique items, and to test their strategies against other players.

How to Get Started

Fortitude is currently in its development phase, but interested players can already get involved by keeping an eye on the available Fortitude NFTs. Fortitude is part of the Gala Games ecosystem, which enables trading of game assets via the Gala blockchain and platform. Recently, Fortitude has released Clan and Tower NFTs, which will be usable once the game launches. These NFTs enhance gameplay and offer strategic advantages, making them valuable assets for players.

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Fortitude is a real-time strategy game within Gala Games that combines base-building and tower defense in a dark medieval fantasy world. Players must build, defend, and expand their villages while competing and cooperating with other clans.




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