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Forgotten Runiverse


Forgotten Runiverse, a web3 MMORPG, thrives on a player-centric world and economy, enabling gamers to craft their narratives through comprehensive systems for crafting and exploration. This intricate gameplay fosters a vibrant, ever-changing environment that resonates with both MMO players and blockchain enthusiasts.

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Forgotten Runiverse is a free-to-play MMORPG that seamlessly integrates blockchain elements without requiring players to set up crypto wallets. The game offers a player-owned world and economy, providing players with the freedom to craft their stories and adventures.

With robust crafting, exploration, and gameplay systems, Forgotten Runiverse caters to both MMO players and blockchain enthusiasts. Developed by industry veterans from Bisonic, with experience at major studios like Blizzard, Ubisoft, and Capcom, the game aims to build a long-lasting community. It will receive ongoing patches, with community input and lore playing a significant role in shaping its future updates.



Adventure and Exploration

In the Forgotten Runiverse, players dive into a world filled with mystery and adventure. As explorers, they navigate through diverse landscapes, each filled with unique monsters and mythical creatures. Combat and exploration go hand-in-hand as players tackle these foes, uncovering hidden quests and secret locations along the way. Success in these encounters rewards players with rare treasures and experience points, crucial for advancing to the game’s level cap of 50. 

Crafting and Creation

Crafting lies at the core of the Forgotten Runiverse experience, allowing players to express their creativity and strategic thinking. The game boasts an intricate crafting system where players can design and forge a wide array of items, including spells, weapons, armor, and even structural elements like houses and decorations. The quality and attributes of these items are significantly influenced by the choice of materials and the player’s proficiency in crafting. 

Trading and Economy

Economic prowess can be just as important as battlefield strength in the Forgotten Runiverse. Players are encouraged to engage in trade, selling their uniquely crafted items on secondary markets or excelling through in-game commerce activities. 


In the Forgotten Runiverse, collaboration is a key aspect of gameplay. Players have the opportunity to form alliances, join guilds, and work together on large-scale objectives. This feature enables players to team up for challenging quests, participate in extensive crafting projects, and compete in player versus player (PvP) environments.

The Book of Lore

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The Book of Lore serves as an on-chain compendium of stories, artwork, and creative expressions from Cult members. FRWC NFTs, besides The Sacred Flame, mainly grant permission to contribute to the Book of Lore and participate in building the Runiverse and the Collaborative Legendarium. The FRWC team highly values Book of Lore entries as a crucial project contribution, referencing them for media creation within the Runiverse. Creating entries in the Book of Lore is also the primary method for FRWC members to qualify for airdrops, including Sacred Flame, Ponies, and free Warriors.

NFTs and Blockchain

The Forgotten Runiverse utilizes blockchain technology to empower players with true ownership of in-game assets via Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This system allows for the minting of unique items that players can own, trade, and utilize within the game's ecosystem.

1. Watcher's Rings: These mystical items carry deep lore significance, tied to ancient events in the game's history. The Watcher's Ring is a functional item with unique properties that can influence gameplay.

2. Land Plots: Players can acquire and manage various sizes of land plots, from small homesteads to expansive cities. Each plot is unique, with its own set of resources and potential for development. Land ownership allows for activities like building, harvesting, and renting out space.

  • Homesteads and Settlements: Suitable for personal projects or smaller-scale operations.
  • Villages and Towns: Ideal for community interactions, such as guild gatherings or commerce.
  • Cities: The largest plots where players can create major hubs of activity, host events, and establish commercial enterprises.

3. Game Items: Special events and achievements in the game can yield exclusive items that players can mint as NFTs. These items range from cosmetic enhancements like unique mounts and housing styles to functional gear that can affect gameplay. Ownership of these items is recorded on the blockchain, making them tradable assets that hold real-world value.

How to Get Started

Forgotten Runiverse has not fully launched yet, but it is engaging the community through exciting events, such as the recent "Eve of Memory Event" that concluded in November 2023. During this event, rewards such as "Seals of Tenure" were distributed, which can be used to claim a land plot NFT in the future. For now, stay updated with the game by adding it to your wishlist on the Epic Game Store, and by following their social media accounts. 

About Forgotten Runiverse



Forgotten Runiverse

The Forgotten Runiverse is a vast, massively multiplayer, free-to-play, pixel art MMORPG. It’s inspired by the Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult IP, a collection of 10,000 unique NFT wizards.