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Get ready for party games in Forgotten Playland, where an old attic transforms into a dynamic playground for the crafty PlushKyns. It’s a place where quick, fun party games meet creativity, letting you compete with friends, customize characters, and explore various themed zones.

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Welcome to Forgotten Playland, a free-to-play social party game where an attic filled with plush toys transforms into a vibrant playground for the abandoned characters known as PlushKyns. Each corner of the game is designed to bring a unique mix of nostalgia and excitement, making every play session a new adventure. 

Game Lore

Set in a once-forgotten attic, Forgotten Playland revolves around its inhabitants, the PlushKyns. These plush toys, left behind by their previous owners, have turned their new-found isolation into an opportunity, creating a world where they rule. As players explore this world, they uncover layers of history among toys from various generations, each adding a unique flavor to the game’s backstory.

Gameplay and Features

A core part of Forgotten Playland is the Social Hub, buzzing with life and serving as the main meet-up point for players. It’s where everyone starts their journey, hanging out or diving into games. The hub is divided into thematic areas like the pulsating Space Disco, the wild Jungle Camp, the nostalgic Train Station, and the laid-back Beach Bar.

Customization Station

Your PlushKyn, your rules! In the Customization Station, players can tweak their PlushKyns' appearance, choosing from a variety of traits and accessories. This station is all about expressing your style, with a range of cosmetic options that reflect both personality and strategy in the game.

Forgotten Playland is all about fast-paced, exciting multiplayer action, perfect for a quick session with friends. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the awesome party games Forgotten Playland has to offer:

  • Bump-A-Ball: This game challenges players to stay on a shrinking wooden table while avoiding being knocked off by competitors or cut off by saw blades. It requires a mix of offensive and defensive strategies to be the last one standing.
  • Jungle Rumble: Set in a jungle-themed arena, players must dodge obstacles and outmaneuver each other to survive. Agility and quick decision-making are key to overcoming the lively and unpredictable environment.
  • Color Canvas: In this visually vibrant game, players race against each other to cover the most canvas with their assigned color. Strategic spreading and quick actions are necessary to dominate the area.
  • Splash Step: Combining memory skills with agility, players jump across an array of disappearing colored tiles they need to remember. The game tests both cognitive and physical skills as players strive to avoid pitfalls and outlast their opponents.  

NFTs and Blockchain

Forgotten Playland uses the $FP token as its main in-game currency. On the other hand, the Toybox Collections add more fun to the mix, which includes exclusive cosmetics for your PlushKyns. These collections are limited-time offers, as the previous collection type won't be offered again in the future. The Toybox collection is available for trade for $BEAM on the Sphere marketplace

How To Get Started 

Forgotten Playland is now available on the Hyperplay Platform. Dive into the party games and stay connected by joining their Discord and following their social media accounts to keep up with all the latest updates and community events.

About Forgotten Playland


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Forgotten Playland

Forgotten Playland is a free-to-play social party game set in an enchanted attic where plush toys called PlushKyns create their own world of fun and competition.


Vermilion Studios


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