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In Final Form, players engage in strategic battles using a variety of trading cards, evolving their decks from Common to Legendary rarity. Set in a universe where different Houses vie for dominance, the game offers unique card sets created in collaboration with renowned artists and celebrities.

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Final Form is a deck-building and auto-battler game by Ex Populus, published by the Xai Foundation. It mixes deck-building with Rogue-Lite mechanics, allowing players to collect, evolve, and battle using trading cards. Players aim to dominate auto-battles and earn rewards to evolve their cards from Common to Legendary, making them more powerful and valuable.

The game is designed to run on a wide range of Windows PCs and contemporary Mac systems. You can download it from the official Ex Populus website, and it’s expected to be available on platforms like the Epic Game Store and Steam soon. There are plans for mobile and XR headset versions if the game becomes popular.

Gameplay and Features

Final Form combines deck-building and auto-battler mechanics with Rogue-Lite elements for an engaging gameplay experience. Here’s a closer look:

Card System

Final Form features two types of cards: Limited Cards and Reaver Cards. Limited Cards are transferable NFTs that you own and can trade, while Reaver Cards are temporary and lost if you lose an auto-battle. Both card types share attributes such as Rarity Tier, Card Power, House, Abilities, Health, Attack, Set Name, Set No., Edition No., and Card No.

Battle Mechanics

In Final Form, you build decks and engage in auto-battles where strategy and card attributes determine the outcome. Winning battles rewards you with the opportunity to evolve your cards from Common to Legendary rarity, enhancing their power and appeal. The game features card sets created in collaboration with well-known artists and celebrities, adding a unique and diverse touch to the experience.

Card Sets

Final Form includes unique card sets like Decentralized Autonomous GigaUnits (DAGs), which are autonomous entities on the blockchain created by an Oscar-nominated studio. Another notable set is Mike Tyson’s Iron Pigeons, featuring unique pigeon characters inspired by the boxing legend’s passion for pigeons.

Win Streaks and Burn to Evolve

Winning in Final Form boosts your card inventory and power. Each victory earns you Chromos, which are essential for Evolution. However, the game also has tough penalties for losing, inspired by Rogue-Lite and Souls-Like games. If you lose, you'll lose all your cards except for your Limited Edition ones, making you start over. To upgrade your cards, combine Chromos with lower-tier cards to create higher-powered ones. As card supplies decrease and rarity increases, the value of cards rises in the gaming economy, making them more valuable for collectors and traders.

A Trading Card Multiverse

At the heart of Final Form is the God’s Tooth, a mysterious obelisk on a distant alien planet. This artifact has created a dimensional rift, drawing characters from various dimensions to battle in an interdimensional arena. The game features crossovers with entertainment brands, including collaborations with famous artists, celebrities, and athletes like Oscar-nominated Calabash and former World Heavyweight Champ Mike Tyson.

NFTs and Blockchain

The current Final Form NFT collections, including various card sets, are hosted on the Solana Blockchain. However, with the game set to be deployed on the XAI blockchain, further updates on the potential bridging of assets between these blockchains are anticipated.

How to Get Started

To start playing Final Form, ensure your Windows PC meets the necessary specifications. Visit the Final Form website to download and install the game launcher. Create an account on the Ex Populus platform to access and manage your cards.

Begin with the free limited edition trading cards provided in the game. You can also purchase additional cards from collections like DAGs and Iron Pigeons on marketplaces such as Magic Eden and OpenSea. Build a strong battle deck by strategically selecting cards based on attributes like rarity, power, and abilities. Engage in auto-battles to earn rewards and evolve your cards.

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Final Form

Final Form is a deck-building and auto-battler game that combines Rogue-Lite mechanics with strategic card evolution


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