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Fight Me! is a game developed by Nekki studio, which has a significant global player base. It falls into the play-to-own and compete-to-earn category. In this fight club management game, players collect, train, and upgrade fighters for tournament competitions and ranking advancement.

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Fight Me! is a play-to-own and compete-to-earn game developed by the renowned Nekki studio, known for reaching over a billion players worldwide. In this fight club management game, you collect, train, and upgrade fighters to compete in tournaments and climb the ranks. Each fighter is a unique evolving NFT, gaining new skills and increasing in value with each upgrade.

The Competitive Universe of Fight Me!

In Fight Me!, players are introduced to a unique system where their fighters are not just digital assets but evolving entities encapsulated in NFTs. These fighters grow in strength and ability, unlocking new skills that enhance their performance in battle and increase their market value, embodying a living investment in the player's gaming prowess.

The Quest for Boost Cola

Central to the game's mechanics is Boost Cola, a coveted resource produced by the omnipresent BoostCorp. This special elixir is the key to leveling up fighters, and players can acquire it through achieving high ratings, actively participating in tournaments, and successful referrals. The pursuit of Boost Cola is relentless, as it is the lifeblood of a fighter's progression and a player's status within the game.

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The setting of Fight Me! is a galaxy under the sway of BoostCorp, the sole producer of the powerful Boost Cola. This corporation's influence permeates the galaxy, where the elite Fight Me Club is the battleground for those seeking to rise through the ranks and become champions. Here, fighters fueled by Boost Cola engage in fierce competition, each vying to dominate the multiverse and etch their name in the annals of the Fight Me! legacy.

Gameplay and Features

Fight Me introduces players to a competitive arena where strategy and character management are key. Upon joining, players select a character available as a free starter or through Digital Collectibles. These characters can then be used in ranked battles and tournaments. Success in these arenas depends on strategic gameplay, character progression, and tactical decision-making.

  • Character Collection & Evolution: Players can acquire a variety of characters, each with unique stats and abilities. These characters can be traded and evolved, enhancing their combat effectiveness.
  • Ranked Battles: Compete against other players in ranked matches to improve your standing on the leaderboard.
  • Character Leveling: Winning battles earns experience, leveling up characters and unlocking new abilities.
  • Tournaments: Participation in tournaments offers opportunities for significant rewards and tests player strategy on a larger scale.
  • Strategic Gameplay: Success requires careful selection of characters for each battle and strategic team composition for tournaments.
  • Marketplace Dynamics: A marketplace for buying new characters and trading with others adds a layer of strategy outside of combat.

How to Get Started

For those eager to dive into the action-packed realm of Fight Me!, joining the community is the first step towards gaining early access. By becoming a part of the community, you'll stay informed about the latest updates, participate in exclusive giveaways, and be a part of exciting events that precede the game's launch. To ensure you're at the forefront when Fight Me! opens its doors, subscribing to the waitlist is essential.

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Fight Me!

Fight Me! is a play-to-own and compete-to-earn game from Nekki studio, recognized for its extensive player base worldwide. This fight club management game involves collecting, training, and upgrading fighters to participate in tournaments and improve your ranking.






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