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Fableborne, a mobile game currently in development, offers players an exciting experience with its dual gameplay elements of base building and raiding. As you start the game, you are given an island that spawns with set features such as the heart of the island and the gold mine, which cannot be moved. The base-building aspect allows players to strategically place towers and monsters to defend their island, with protection increasing as they level up and unlock more defenses.


One of the key aspects of base building is protecting your gold storage, as raiders will attempt to steal your hard-earned gold. The randomly generated islands provide a variety of shapes that can impact the difficulty of defending your island. However, this can also pose a potential problem in the future if the game becomes competitive, as players may restart until they get an island shape that suits their strategy, leading to an unfair advantage.

Upgrading towers using the gold collected from raiding adds depth to the gameplay, with a range of different towers and monsters available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. On the raiding side, players can choose from three heroes, each with their own abilities and attacks. The ability to mix and match heroes adds a strategic element to attacking enemy bases, whether you are driving through with your heavy tank or slowly picking monsters off from range. You can also use some of the gold you raid to increase your hero's stats and unlock further abilities, granting a wider range of options for clearing the base.


There is also an option to skip attacking a base if you think it's not worth the effort, but this comes with a gold fee that increases with each skip. The defenses of enemy bases can vary based on the shape of the island and the level of the towers and monsters. However, at higher levels, the repetitive nature of attacking bullet sponge towers and monsters can become monotonous and may need further balancing in future updates.


Despite some potential balancing issues, Fableborne offers an exciting and engaging experience for mobile gamers. The incentives to regularly check on your island, collect gold, and attack other players keep the gameplay dynamic and bring the player back to the game often. The game has been in a closed playtest with a smaller population, resulting in some repetitive attacking of the same islands. However, as the player base grows, this issue is expected to be mitigated.

Overall, Fableborne has a promising future with updates and improvements already being considered by the development team based on player feedback. As a mobile game, it offers a unique blend of base-building and raiding gameplay, keeping players engaged and coming back for more. Fans of strategy games and base-building enthusiasts will find Fableborne worth keeping an eye on as it progresses toward its official release.

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Fableborne Review

In summary, Fableborne is a mobile game with a unique combination of base-building and raiding gameplay that is engaging for players. The development team is already considering player feedback for updates and improvements, indicating a promising future for the game. Fans of strategy games and base-building will find Fableborne worth following as it moves towards its official release.



Bitesize play easy to jump in and out

Enjoyable mechanics to keep you coming back

Clean visuals and unique art style


Higher level turrets are just bullet sponges rather than just hard

Random starting islands have large effect on ability to defend

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