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Immerse yourself in Everseed's unique world, protect the powerful Everseed, choose companions, and engage in thrilling tower defense battles to shape your character.

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Everseed invites you to delve into an intriguing realm, where conventional genre boundaries are shattered, offering an innovative and immersive gaming experience. Prepare for a captivating adventure that seamlessly blends various gameplay styles, promising a unique and unforgettable journey.


In Everseed, you will face exhilarating challenges during roguelike runs, navigating hazardous environments and overcoming unpredictable obstacles. Mastery of tower defense mechanics and strategic decision-making will be crucial in pushing back against the relentless Blight. Acquiring valuable resources becomes essential for survival and progress within this ever-changing realm.

Players embark on adventures in Everseed to confront a world plagued by a magical Blight. Armed with the powerful Everseed, a seed imbued with potent cleansing magic, their mission is to venture into the blighted wilderness, plant the Everseed, and safeguard it until it blossoms fully. Successful completion of these quests not only yields bountiful rewards but also earns the trust and admiration of fellow inhabitants.

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From a gameplay perspective, each Everseed adventurer begins with the selection of a companion, a magical creature that accompanies players throughout their journeys. Whether aiding in combat against blighted monsters or providing relaxation in the safety of home, companions possess unique abilities that influence strategy and playstyle. While companions can be collected and exchanged in the marketplace, free-to-play players can acquire them without hindering their progress.

Navigating the blighted areas requires the assistance of maps. These regions are subject to magical chaos, causing landscapes to shift and paths to change, rendering static maps obsolete. Most adventure run maps are freely available, while rare maps can be obtained at a cost. Rare maps lead to more perilous locations but offer significantly greater rewards.

Once an adventure run commences, players can choose different paths, each leading to diverse encounters. Some encounters focus on non-combative situations, presenting players with meaningful choices that shape their character's development and gameplay strategies for the remainder of the run. Other encounters take the form of combat scenarios within Blighted Groves. Here, players must defend their Everseed against waves of enemies, utilizing their companions and a variety of magical plants infused with alchemical concoctions in a thrilling tower defense style. Failure in these encounters necessitates a hasty retreat back to town.

How to Get Started

Everseed is already playable right now through your browser and is expected to have a publicly available mobile version soon. Everseed recently announced their partnership with web3 and gaming Mobile Phone manufacturer, JamboPhone, as the game will come pre-installed on the phone.  

About Everseed


Plant, protect, and battle in Everseed's blighted world, choose companions, and shape your character through tower defense encounters.