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Evaverse is an open social platform that combines most immersive genres from across the blockchain sector with competitive best-in-class gameplay.

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The Evaverse is a social gaming platform from Battlebound that combines competitive gameplay with player ownership, allowing gamers, NFT collectors, and friends to socialize, play, and compete in an immersive environment.

NFT Collections

The Evaverse offers various NFT collections that offer useful functionality, such as First Arrivals Evatars, Hoverboards, and Turtle Troops. Additionally, there are two collections that feature cosmetic NFTs: Wonderland and EVA Loot. Playing on the Evaverse does not require the purchase of an NFT, but Battlebound aims to provide extra utility to players who support Battlebound by owning and holding onto these items. Below is a summary of the available utility:

  • First Arrival Evatars: Earn $EVA by discovering Stars
  • Hoverboards: Reroll the stats on Hoverboard NFT
  • Turtle Troops: Earn passive Pet Experience and Tickets while offline

Each NFT in the Evaverse has a built-in rarity metric known as Prestige, which ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most scarce in the collection. Prestige will play a significant role in the utility of the NFT as the Play-to-Earn economy is introduced, focusing on utility rather than power. We strive to create a fair and balanced environment for all players, where every NFT has an equal opportunity to compete. The Evaverse game is not a Pay-to-Win platform.

In addition to that, the development team at Battlebound makes sure to reward those who stick around, especially during limited time events and special holiday competitions with EVA Loot. So far, players have gotten to enjoy Evaversary, All Hallow's Eva, and Winter Wonderland. Each one of the three provided players with free cosmetic NFTs in the form of wearable gear and emotes to use in-game.

One major unique point of the game is its integration of partner NFT collections. If you hold any of the NFT collections in collaboration with Evaverse, you will get to use your own unique NFT in-game and use it to play the various game modes available.

Game Modes

The EVA games offer a constantly expanding gameplay experience and well-crafted game loops that allow players to earn cryptocurrency tokens while playing the games they enjoy. Players can choose from a variety of games and earn rewards for playing the ones they love. At the moment, the two live game modes are Hoverboard Racing and Cosmic Cup.

In Hoverboard racing, players compete in high-speed races while pushing their hoverboards to the limit. By completing races, players earn XP and can level-up their boards to improve their stats. Players can also participate in daily leaderboards and tournaments to earn additional Tickets and rewards. On the other hand, Cosmic Cup is a competitive race for the pet creatures in the Evaverse. Players control their pets and race against others using timed abilities to navigate the course and compete to be the first to cross the finish line in the Cosmic Stadium. Players can also watch the action as a spectator when they are not racing.

The B.E.S.T. Machine allows players to exchange the Tickets they earn from playing mini-games for Badges. There are three types of Badges, in order of rarity: Arrival, Zenith, and Celestial. Although Badges are off-chain, they will play an important role in the on-chain economy. Instead of a fixed exchange rate, players can use their Tickets to spin the B.E.S.T. Machine. Each of the three reels has a chance of displaying one of several symbols. Once all three reels stop, players will earn a number of Badges based on the final symbols displayed on the B.E.S.T. Machine's screen.

How to Get Started

To play Evaverse, players must first create an account on the Evaverse website and pair their wallet to it. They also need to have a Steam account and download the Steam platform, from which they can download the Evaverse game for free from the game's store page. Once the game is downloaded and installed, players can log in with their account and view their NFTs. It may take a few hours for the NFTs to appear in-game after pairing the wallet.

About Evaverse



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Evaverse is a Compete-to-Own immersive world built for gamers and digital collectors.