Many games, such as COD, attempted to experiment with advanced movement systems briefly, but many fans desired the old grassroots shooter experience. In response, we received Split Gate, an FPS beloved by people for about a month, which took advanced movement to a whole new level with features like teleportation through portals.

Although fans had hoped for COD to revert, a niche community formed that appreciated the advanced movement styles these games offered, and I was one of them. With games like EV.IO, we can now revive those fast-paced movement styles, enhanced with additional abilities, and play on browsers, not only on PC/Mac but also on Android and iOS. While the graphics may not be remarkable, they do a better job of maintaining consistently running servers, providing a solid game loop, and giving players a reason to keep playing.



Despite not boasting the best graphics in the world, EV.IO compensates for this deficiency with its engaging gameplay and enjoyable loop. Entering a game without an account is effortless, and anyone can start playing the game. Visiting the website will load you into a map, and a simple click on the screen will place you directly into the game, setting you on the path to becoming the ultimate and deadly weapon.

Even without any effort, the game can be very entertaining, offering various playstyles, whether it's using the AR to pick off enemies, slashing foes with swords, or lobbing grenades from a distance to weaken opponents. Coupled with weapons like Snipers, Shotguns, RPGs, one-shot headshot pistols, and a formidable SMG for run-and-gun action on the ground, the game does an excellent job of keeping you engaged and entertained throughout the match and many more to come.

While it's easy to jump right into the game and play, EV.IO provides numerous ways to customize your approach to each round you play. The game equips your character with the ability to wield several different weapons that act as your starting weapon until you change them within the loadout menu. In the loadout menu, you can choose weapons like a laser rifle, a revolver pistol called the hand cannon, a burst rifle, and an SMG called the sweeper.

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These guns allow you to play in versatile styles, impressing others with your skills. Speaking of skills, you can also modify your in-game abilities and equipment like mines or grenades, enabling you to explore different combinations, whether it's multiple teleport abilities, a triple jump, a double jump with one teleport, or various mines—whatever suits your playstyle, the game has it for you.

What we observe with EV.IO is the culmination of ideas that many games attempted to use, but EV.IO has built upon them to appeal especially to the competitive scene, thanks to its fast-paced nature. With its competitive nature, you'll find a variety of maps, each unique in its own way but lacking in visual flair and design. Additionally, there are various game modes to practice for tournaments, which are frequently hosted for the game. These game modes include classic free-for-all, team deathmatch, snipers and shotgun mode, and even a battle royale mode, which has been my personal favorite. The game feels fresh and innovative, even though it builds on ideas from many previous games, thanks to its rapid mechanics.

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In a game as fast-paced and competitive as EV.IO, it can be challenging to focus on every in-game sound. However, every weapon and equipment item in the game has a distinct sound that helps you make decisions in each situation. While the music in the menu may become repetitive and annoying, that's not the main reason you're there for the game; it's all about quickly enjoying fast-paced action games using just a browser on your computer or mobile device.

While there are some issues with the game, such as occasional server errors that can be frustrating during quick-fire rounds and problems with shots not landing (often due to ping issues on distant servers), the game has significantly improved its smoothness and offers a much more enjoyable gaming experience for users.


With all this in mind, we can see where EV.IO excels and makes its mark. It shines through its user-friendly customizability, fast-paced gameplay that keeps you always focused and ready, and a variety of guns that feel smooth and satisfying to use, especially when adjusting player settings like sensitivity and graphical settings. EV.IO may not aim to compete with the legendary FPS titles out there today, but it certainly provides players with an undeniably fun, action-packed, fast-paced experience that will keep you engaged in tournaments for hours on end over the weekends.

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EV.IO Review

EV.IO distinguishes itself with its user-friendly customization options, dynamic gameplay that keeps players alert, and a diverse selection of firearms that offer a satisfying experience, especially when fine-tuning player settings. While it may not aspire to challenge the renowned FPS titles of today, EV.IO undeniably delivers an entertaining, action-packed, and fast-paced gaming experience that can keep players engaged in tournaments for extended periods during the weekends.



Fast paced gameplay

Incredibly easy to jump in and play

Visually appealing cosmetic skins

Customization allows for a bunch of versatility in how you play

Different guns have a reason to use them in different situations


Occasional connectivity issues

Hitbox registration on certain weapons

Server issues that lead to errors while playing multiple games

Weapon hit boxes feel off from time to time due to ping issues

Certain maps are dull and lack creativity

Issues finding real people playing the game at certain points

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