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Elder's Grace blends action RPG elements with strategic castle defense, set in a universe that spans both traditional and blockchain gaming platforms. Players are invited to craft intricate dungeons, lead daring raids, and delve into a deep character progression system.

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Elder’s Grace is an action role-playing game (RPG) combining classic castle defense tactics with Strategic gameplay. The game caters to both traditional web2 and web3 players, offering a seamless gaming experience. Players can switch between the roles of master builders and daring raiders, crafting their own intricate dungeons and raiding the fortresses of others. 

Game Lore

Elder’s Grace lore revolves around the ongoing saga of the Mobleys, a unique race caught in the eternal struggle of constructing impregnable strongholds and conducting dangerous raids. Players begin their journey with a team of three Mobleys, exploring the depths of strongholds, battling formidable enemies, and uncovering hidden treasures. 

Gameplay and Features

Elder’s Grace combines action-packed battles with strategic dungeon-building. Players take on dual roles, crafting their own maze-like strongholds with traps and defenses, then switching gears to raid enemy strongholds. Success in raids leads to treasure and resources, enhancing the player's stronghold and abilities.

Character Development and Customization

Character development in Elder’s Grace is deeply tied to the unique DNA system of Mobleys. Each Mobley's abilities, stats, and characteristics are determined by its DNA, influencing its performance in battle and exploration. Players start with a team of three Mobleys and can expand their roster by purchasing additional Mobleys or breeding existing ones to create new, unique offspring.

Stat System and Elemental Affinities

Mobleys come equipped with a range of stats, including Hit Points (HP), Mana, Attack, Defense, Perception, and Luck, which determine their effectiveness in various aspects of the game. Additionally, nine distinct elemental attack types add another layer of strategy, with Mobleys having specific affinities and resistances that can turn the tide of battle.

Progression in Elder’s Grace involves earning Experience Points (XP) through battles and quests, leveling up Mobleys, and enhancing their base stats. The Ability Grid system allows further customization, unlocking new abilities and stats increases to tailor Mobleys to specific play styles. Enhancement Gems offer a way to augment Mobleys' abilities further, providing stat boosts or new abilities. These gems can be found in the game or crafted from gem shards, offering a wide range of customization options for players to explore.

Elder's Grace and Mobley Lineage

Mobleys can earn the favor of Elders by completing quests and challenges, receiving benefits like increased stats and access to unique abilities. The Grace Lineage system ensures that the offspring of Mobleys inherit their parents' standings with Elders, promoting strategic breeding and character development.

Game Modes 

Elder’s Grace is designed to cater to a wide range of gaming preferences through its variety of game modes:

  • Adventure Campaign: This mode offers a series of strongholds crafted by the developers, filled with enemies, traps, and bosses to defeat. Completing these strongholds not only progresses the storyline but also rewards players with experience points (XP), unique perks such as Grace for finishing Elder's quests, and resources to enhance Mobleys and collectibles.
  • Stronghold Raiding (Raid Mode): Here, players challenge strongholds designed by the game's community, aiming to secure rewards. Each stronghold features a treasury room, which raiders can target to claim its contents. Success brings treasures and resources, encouraging both the creation of challenging strongholds and strategic raiding tactics.
  • Last Mobley Standing: A survival mode where players begin at level 1 and navigate through a dungeon filled with both monsters and other players. It combines PvP and PvE elements, requiring players to survive against the environment and each other. The dynamic of the crumbling dungeon and the necessity to level up and unlock new abilities add layers of strategy and challenge.

How to Get Started 

Elder’s Grace is still under development, yet interested players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Stay connected for the most recent news and updates about Elder’s Grace by following their social media accounts and joining the community on their Discord server.

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Elder's Grace

Elder's Grace is an action-packed RPG that combines strategic castle defense mechanics with the innovation of blockchain technology. Players can craft dungeons, raid opponents, and evolve their characters in a world where they can build, raid, and earn.


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