Drawtech, developed by Small Brain Games, is a unique fully on-chain mobile game launched on November 1, 2023. It's a creative platform where players, referred to as artists, color tiles on an ever-expanding canvas.


Drawtech's main page serves as the command center for digital artists navigating this unique canvas. Here, artists can immediately gauge the vibrancy of the community by the artist count, reflecting the total number of contributors to the canvas. Tile pricing is dynamic, offering a real-time look at the average cost of artistic real estate, with individual tile prices varying based on the ebb and flow of demand. This system encourages artists to strategically select and color tiles, not just for the sake of art but also for the potential rewards that come with ownership.

The interface provides artists with a suite of tools to enhance their creative process. A color palette is at their disposal, allowing for the selection of the perfect hue to bring their vision to life. Artists can manage their contributions with options to deselect all or specific tiles, ensuring precision in their creative endeavors. The platform also integrates a reward and ranking system, incentivizing artists by showcasing their standings and enabling them to claim their due rewards. Profile management is streamlined, offering easy access to display name customization, wallet details, and the ability to export wallet information for added convenience. For those seeking guidance, the game information section provides a comprehensive understanding of the rules and FAQs.

As for gameplay, the canvas is ever-expanding, symbolizing the boundless potential for creativity and collaboration. Ownership of a tile comes with the possibility of rewards, but artists must be vigilant, as their claimed tiles can be recolored and thus re-owned by others. A fee of 6.23% is charged at the frontend to facilitate these transactions, with the assurance of no hidden protocol-level fees. The open-source nature of the frontend paves the way for community contributions to the platform's development.

Success in Drawtech hinges on strategic gameplay. Artists must protect their claimed tiles to maximize returns, often choosing edge tiles or those within a uniform color block to minimize the chances of being overwritten. Diversifying investments across various tiles is also a wise approach, spreading risk and increasing the likelihood of sustained ownership. This blend of artistry and strategy makes Drawtech a compelling platform for creators who wish to make their mark and reap the rewards of their digital masterpieces.

How to Get Started

  1. Accessing Drawtech: Navigate to Draw.Tech on your mobile device. Note that the site is not accessible via PC.
  2. Installation: Add Draw.Tech to your home screen for easy access. Android users can use Google Chrome to add it, while iOS users can use Safari.
  3. Account Setup: Log in using Gmail, Discord, Apple ID, or connect your wallet.
  4. Funding Your Game: Bridge your $ETH to the Base mainnet and send a minimum of 0.01 $ETH to the provided address to start playing.

About Drawtech


Small Brain Games

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Small Brain Games presents Drawtech, an exceptional mobile game that's entirely on-chain. It provides a creative space where players, called artists, can color tiles on an ever-expanding canvas.


Small Brain Games